News Flash: Summer Classes Don’t Have To Suck

For a lucky few, summer is a time free of responsibility, or a time for travel, or a time for a dream internship. But for some of us it is a time for putting in the hours at our old “high school jobs” and getting in a few extra credit hours online or at a local university. It can be tough seeing your best friends traveling the world or meeting their idols, while you’re sitting on your couch reading a book on medical terminology. But even though summer classes aren’t normal ingredients for a perfect summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them a little from time to time. So if you’re feeling stuck in your normal routine, here are a few tips to shake things up!


If you’re attempting to write a research paper while your mom is watching The Devil Wears Prada in the next room, we can almost guarantee you won’t get too far. Leave the distractions of home behind and head to a local library or coffee shop. Most local libraries even have personal study rooms you can use, and I think we can all admit it’s easier to crank out some work in a quiet, distraction-free environment. If you’re more of a café student, this is the perfect opportunity to check out some of the new shops that might have popped up in town while you were at school.


If you’re taking an online class, it’s possible you won’t have any interaction with your professor or classmates. If this is the case, your professor might offer Skype office hours or designated chat times. USE THIS. Seriously, it will help a ton. If you’re struggling with something, use the resources you are given, and use the class to boost your GPA. After all, being resourceful is a trademark of being a successful student.


Summer classes can be a great opportunity to learn more about things you are really interested in. Research papers or reflections are very common in summer courses. If your class is all about your major, then great! If not, find a way to tie the class in with your major or a topic you love. For instance, I’m currently writing a research paper on vegan diets during pregnancy, (no I’m not vegan or pregnant) but it’s a something I’m very interested in and will be able to show to future employers.


Working is stressful; taking classes is stressful. Make sure not to let your summer get lost in the mix. Remember that it’s okay and even healthy to take days off. Call off a weekend at work and call your best friends, go to the city for a night, or take a fun camping trip. If these don’t pique your interest, just reserve a solid day for Netflix and ice cream. Either way, you deserve it.


Exams are hard and timed online exams can be even harder. Make sure that when you’re taking your summer exams you choose the best environment possible, (with some stellar wifi and a charger), so that you don’t get distracted. And make sure to study, even if exams are open note or book; don’t let yourself get lost in the pages. Know the information before you start, and don’t get stressed over a timer ticking on your screen! You got this, girl.

Dolly Rinehart

Contributor, Miami of Ohio Major: Dietetics. Minors: Marketing, Management and Leadership Her heart belongs to: Family, friends, traveling, and new adventures You can find her: Out on the lake, in the kitchen, or at the gym

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