Make This Summery Watermelon Welcome Mat

Stepping outside without a parka on is the best feeling… knowing that our favorite season is back on our doorstep ringing that doorbell. What better way to invite the sunshine in than with a festive welcome mat for your front porch! Whether you want to make it for your mom for Mother’s Day or keep it for yourself (that’s what we would do), this DIY watermelon welcome mat is the perfect spring project!

What you will need:

  • Blank straw floor mat (available at home improvement stores, $8.99)
  • Pink, green, and black acrylic paint
  • Cheap sponges
  • Paper plates
  • Paintbrush
  • Outdoor paint sealant spray


cutting sponge

First, you need to cut your sponges into the shape you would like your images to be printed on your mat. You will need to cut one sponge for the pink slice of watermelon, and another for the green edge so they stay separate.


Next, you want to start sponging on the paint, all pink slices first, then green afterwards. You will need to put a lot of paint on the paper plate so you have enough to pick up with the sponge. Make sure to be super generous with the amount of paint you pick up, because the paint will soak up into the sponge AND the mat. When sponging the slices, rotate your sponge different ways so not all of your watermelons are sitting the same direction.

Depending on the sponge you use, you might want to do two coats of pink and green to make the colors really pop. If you want it to look more faded and vintage, do one coat with less paint. After giving the paint a few minutes to dry, use the back of your paintbrush to give your watermelon some black seeds.

at door

Once you let your mat dry overnight, you will want to spray it with an outdoor paint sealant spray. You can find these at any home improvement or craft store. This will help keep the colors brighter and protect the mat from rain, wind, and other wear and tear. Let this dry for a good couple hours and it’s ready to warm up your front door!

Get creative and sponge different summery images such as ice cream cones or flowers! The possibilities are endless!

Madison Danek

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