Watch: The Cutest DIY Textbook Covers

Textbooks. Can’t afford them – and unfortunately, can’t avoid them.

If you’re going to have to drop a year’s worth of dollar slice pizza on them, might as well treat them like the arm and a leg they cost you.

So grab your roomies, some wrapping paper, Washi tape, and anything else your crafty heart desires and let’s get to it.

Step 1:

Measure your textbook along the edge of your wrapping paper. Make sure to measure both the front, back and binding area, and extend a few inches beyond for wrapping purposes.

Step 2:

Cut out the area you measured.

Step 3:

Wrap your cut out piece of paper around your book, sealing it in place with Washi tape. The Washi tape will make sure your book won’t be damaged (plus it’s cute!).

Step 4:

Decorate! Get creative with stickers, pictures, markers, paint, glitter, Washi tape, Amy Poehler at the Emmy’s – whatever your heart desires.

diy textbook covers

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