DIY Polka Dot Tights For Spring

When it comes to fashion, sometimes the smallest details make the greatest statements! One of our favorite trends this year has been the perfectly petite polka-dot pattern! We’ve seen it on everything from cotton sundresses to denim button downs and we can’t get enough! To keep the fun going, we’ve come up with a super easy, ultra cute DIY for a pair of polka-dotted tights.


These are the materials that you will need:

  • a pair of tights – any color will do, you can even use a pair that you already own for an updated look
  • acrylic paint – again, the color choice is up to you
  • a paint brush
  • thick cardstock paper or cardboard


First, lay out the tights on a flat surface. Cut the cardstock paper into wedges to slide into the legs of the tights so that the paint won’t bleed through.

When the paper is in place so that the tights lay flat, use the brush to paint dots randomly on the tights. We used the rounded end of the paintbrush to get perfect little micro-dots and free handed the pattern. It is helpful to start out spacing your dots far away from each other, then filling in where necessary. This way you can see the pattern as a whole and avoid making overly dot concentrated areas. If you aren’t comfortable making a random pattern, you can find several polka-dot patterns online.


Allow the dots to dry thoroughly before dotting the other side. Depending on the paint and size of your dots, it should take about an hour.

Once your tights are dried completely, enjoy your new, fun pattern! Mix and match with your favorite pieces and see how a chic little update will make your outfit stand out in a crowd!



Here’s a little bonus tip: If using brand new tights, you may want to consider getting a size larger than usual. This will help keep the dots from stretching out!

photos by Traci Gross and Thomas Sargent

 This article was brought to you by Goodwill of Central Indiana.

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