DIY Gold Leaf Canvas Art

gold leaf titleTo say that we love a good art piece would be an understatement. Especially when that art piece is made with a gorgeous gold leaf. Seriously, every college girl should have the perfect gallery wall. And this DIY is the perfect piece to complete it.

The piece you’ll be able to create will look like that modern work you just saw at Ikea, but at a fraction of the price. (Yes, it’s even cheaper than Ikea decor.) So grab your supplies, some friends and a drink. This is the perfect weekend project.

gold leaf 1gold leaf9What You’ll Need:

  • Blank Canvas (any size)
  • Liquid Gold Leaf
  • Paint Brushes in Various Sizes
  • Scissors + Pencil
  • A Stencil or Image to Trace

gold leaf2Step 1: Print out your stencil or find something on your computer as inspiration. We used this image of lips. If you don’t feel confident to free hand the image, cut out the stencil and lightly trace it onto your leaf3Step 2: Start painting! We opted for liquid gold leaf, which is the easier option. If you want your piece to have more texture, you can get gold leaf sheets, but that is a bit messier.

Pro Tip: Use a sponge brush in a stippling motion for the majority of the area. This prevents streaks and made the process super fast!

gold leaf4Step 3: Go back around the edges with a smaller brush. We left our edges a bit messy to give it more of a “watercolor” feel, but you can be a sharp as you want! Just take your time throughout this step. Make sure the pencil marks are completely covered around the edges. You can add black or other colors into the “mouth” area (or any other area, if you’re using a different image). We darkened the teeth lines and left it at that. This allowed the focus to stay on the gorgeous gold leaf.
gold leaf5gold leaf6Step 4: As a finishing touch, dip your brush into the liquid gold leaf and gently tap on the handle to add some splatters. This last step bring the whole canvas together and makes your DIY look 10x more expensive. Let everything dry for at least an hour and then hang it up and enjoy! Sit back and admire your gorgeous new art piece; You deserve it, girl.

gold leaf7

Cassie Dulworth

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