Yolk Hair, Don’t Care: Our Go-To Egg Hair Mask

Tired of feeling the fried ends of your once-luscious locks? Are split ends taking over your pillowcase?

No need to spend your entire last paycheck at the salon for the latest restorative product. the Lala has the secrets to unlocking the wares of your kitchen pantry to the next level.

Try this recipe for an an “eggs-ellent” DIY hair mask (not sorry for the amazing pun), which includes–you guessed it–eggs.

Here’s what you need to unleash Rapunzel mode on your locks:

Egg Yolk Hair Benefits

Honey Hair Benefits

Olive Oil Hair Benefits

All three of these ingredients are amazing superfoods that are packed with nutrition. Click here for more on the amazing benefits of honey and another the Lala recipe for a honey hair mask.

You’ll also need a bowl and a whisk for mixing the mask.

Hair Mask Ingredients

Mix the honey and olive oil in first, and then whisk in the egg yolk to emulsify the mask.

Hair Mask

Apply the mask generously throughout your hair. Make sure to rub it into the scalp too, because these ingredients go a long way in fighting dandruff with much-needed moisture.

Cover your head with a shower cap (if you don’t have a shower cap, saran wrap will do) and leave the magic in for 20-30 minutes.

If you’re looking for some intensive repair or hair growth, sit in a hot bathtub with the shower cap on over the mask for 20-30 minutes. Heat from both your scalp trapped in by the shower cap and from the steam of the tub increases the amount of absorption of the conditioners into your hair.

For optimum hair repair, try to apply this mask at least once a month.

And there you have it! An easy to make and rejuvenating egg hair mask that is a ridiculously low-cost alternative to the expensive products commercials tout every day. Wishing you incredibly eggs-ellent hair from this day on.

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