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Contouring, a beloved and dreaded word. Beloved because, hey, contouring sure can make a face looking amazing. On the other hand, dreaded, because who actually knows how to contour, or what to buy? Well here at The Lala we have the low down on contouring 101, and we’re about to give you a crash course!

Lets talk products. You will need a primer or a luminizing moisturizer, both prep your skin in the same way. The makeup, contour especially, needs something to keep it in place, and either of these products will do the trick. Primers are better for oiler skin, while moisturizers work wonders for dryer or combination skin. You will also need, an angled brush, a small blending brush, a blending sponge, and a large blending brush!

As far as products go, we LOVE the Anastasia Contour Kit, which features three perfect highlighters, and three contour shades. However, you can substitute this product for a bronzer, two shades darker than your skin, and a powder one shade lighter than your skin. You will also need a luminizing coverup. Ready? Let’s go!

contour step 1

You want to start with your luminizing coverup. Apply the coverup under your eyes, above your eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose, and add a dapple to the chin. Notice how the coverup is applied in downward streaks, like war paint. This is the proper way to apply coverup, it smooths into the grain of the skin much easier than dots, which tend to turn muddy. Blend this in with a coverup brush, or a non-latex blending sponge.

contour step 2

The next step is adding contour! Use your angled brush to apply the dark powder along your jaw line, below your lower lip, onto the hollows of your cheek, your temples, and the top of your hair line. You can apply the powder like you are drawing a three on the side of your face. Start the temple, curve down the hollow of the cheek towards the lip line, and then back out and down the jawline. Do not worry about blending or going on too heavy, especially on the cheeks, this is what creates the chiseled look!

contour step 3

We’re almost done! Blend in the contour powder with the large blending brush; you want to concentrate on the edges, leaving a large amount of the powder on the hollow of the cheek. After this is finished, take your light powder and blend this over the previously highlighted areas with the small blending brush, this will make sure you set your highlight!

Following these three easy steps will bring you to the finished product! 1,2,3, and Done!

Before and After Collage


Oh Lala, we’re betting you look beautiful. Rock your contoured look for a night out, for a photo shoot, or just for fun!


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