Concert Fundamentals, The Katy Perry Way

Summer concerts come and go, but making them memorable is all on us. Whether it is a festival or a tour show, catching everything the event has to offer is the best part, and is the key to a successful summer of music. We got to use the essential fundamentals you’ll need to have a great time at any music event in the amazing presence of Katy Perry at her Prismatic World Tour.

Hit the Road

Grabbing a fun couple of die-hard Katy Perry fan/friends and car pooling to the location of the concert was the ultimate warmup for the night full of “walking on air”. With the ultimate Katy playlist on Spotify and a fresh coat of lipstick, we were ready to go.

Bringing along a fun crowd is always important, because it’s no fun mid-concert when your friend isn’t enjoying it as much as you are (aka: checking their Twitter feed every five minutes). Riding together not only saves our precious pennies, but creates the perfect atmosphere to build the excitement.  And, of course, we wouldn’t dare not bringing a playlist of literally every single song the artist/band has ever recorded(we just really love Katy Perry, okay?).


Cocktail Hour

Thinking of the location of the event, look ahead and make a reservation at a fun place around the venue. It wouldn’t be a fun girls night out without a little happy hour and appetizers. Besides, we need to fuel up for what will usually be a long night.

We picked a popular Tapas Bistro we’ve been dying to try, and it was bustling with people going to the concert so calling ahead was a good idea. With a few tapas entrees and a drink… or two… down we were ready for the night.


Venue Festivities

With booths from vendors to radio stations, always check out what is going in and around the arena/stage area.  We scored some fabulous 3D glasses for some special effects with bonus CoverGirl lipstick coupons (woohoo) while also snagging a free CD from one of the opening acts and then of course made a purchase at the merchandise table. We also got a “free” photo with a cardboard cutout of Katy for a local radio station.

You never know what you will find when walking about the venue trying to find your seats, even if you just get some plastic beads or a free CD it is still fun to checkout what everyone else is doing.KatyPerry1

Potty Break

There are none.  Plain and simple,  go to the bathroom before the band/act starts, even if you don’t think you have to!

Safe to say we did not miss one second of Katy on the stage.

Party Time

Finally what you’ve been waiting for the whole night (or the last five years of our lives), the reason you came: the performance. Don’t take yourself too seriously and worry about how you look singing and dancing to the music that makes you feel something, chances are no one is looking at you anyway, even if your outfit is fabulous. Everyone’s eyes are glued on the main attraction. Like, how could we look away from the California Girl in the flesh?!KatyPerry3

When we are spending our hard earned money on fun events why not make it the ultimate experience and pull all the stops for a night we will hopefully never forget?


Olivia Brandt

Contributor, Savannah College of Art & Design Major: Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Her heart belongs to: Oversized sweaters, veggie burgers, her boyfriends baseball caps...and her boyfriend, sushi, ginger tea, her sisters, and her Jeep. Take her away to: A cabin on the lake or apartment in the city, as long as it promises an adventure.

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