When It Comes To Future Employers, You Are What You Tweet

You are what you Tweet. And Facebook. And Insta. And Snap. And Pin…

But seriously, it’s true. When applying for internships, scholarships, leadership positions or jobs, our social media accounts are just as important as our resumes.

In fact, most employers initially look at our accounts to make sure it backs up our resumes. They are also hoping to find information on our timelines that confirms our professionalism. Unfortunately, however, employers often find that potential candidates are not the same person online that they say they are on a resume or during an interview.

Now, don’t get me wrong – social media is fantastic, as long as the way we use it is not taken out of proportion. Just as much as it can help us land a desired job or position, it can also be the reason we are not selected for one.

So before you send another tweet or post a new pic, look at these notes to avoid making a silly mistake. And if needed, maybe, you can look over your profiles and do some social media spring cleaning!!!!

Tag!!! You’re (not) it.

Sometimes, what we are tagged in says more about what we post. Employers will not be impressed if they see candidates tagged in inappropriate or provocative photos or posts. This doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time with our friends, it just means not everything we do should make it to the internet.

(If you’re interested, there are settings on both Facebook and Instagram that allow us to approve or disapprove “tags” before they show up on our pages. Check ‘em out)!

Where Are Ü Now?

Social media sites such as Foursquare, Facebook and Instagram all allow us to tag our current location to accompany photos or posts. This can be a really creative, useful feature to look back on vacations or fun events that we want to remember. However, it could haunt us. If someone tells their new boss or interviewer they are sick with the flu, but tag themselves at the beach or the bar, it is probably not going to end well.

Again, people don’t have to know where we are at all times. Think twice before you tag!

A red solo cup… will NOT fill a job position up.

Employers say the worst social media mistake young adults make is posting pictures or talking about the use of drugs and/or alcohol. It’s not like our employers are demanding sobriety, but it really does look unprofessional if we’re are constantly talking about such topics, regardless if we’re 21 or not.

Extra tips:

  1. If you’re holding a red cup – no one knows what is inside and will likely assume that it’s an alcoholic beverage.
  2. You’re not fooling anyone by adding a smiley face or blurring over the bottle or can in your hand.

Talk is NOT cheap.

Ok, so social media may have the same standards as a paper for a 400 level English class, but we should pay attention to how we are presenting ourselves with our word choices. An excessive use of expletives, spelling mistakes or basic grammar errors will cause employers to question our abilities to successfully communicate in a business setting.

It takes one to know one.

Of course there are days when we truly don’t feel like going to work. Or we think our current boss is the biggest jerk in the world. Or maybe our new co-worker is driving us bananas!! But, it is SO important that we DON’T TWEET ABOUT IT!!!!!! If a recruiter or employer sees us talking bad about our current or former job, co-workers, boss, or company, they may not hire us in fear that we will do the same when working for their company.

If you really want to vent, call your momma.


Cyberbullying is a hot issue in today’s society. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all interactive sites where we can pretty much say anything to anyone at any time. We should be cautious about what we say to whom because anyone can see it and even if we’re “joking,” our potential employer may not see it that way.


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