Colleges Supply Free Condoms, But Where Are The Tampons?

Let’s be real, the only thing less enjoyable than actually getting your period is talking about it. We’d love to just pretend once it’s over that it’s never happening again. Out of sight out of mind, right? Wrong.

From bloating to cramping, to leaking and feeling irritable – periods take a serious toll on our bodies. And we’re expected to keep quiet about the pain and discomfort. Yes, it’s personal, but it is worth talking about. Especially when you’re bleeding through pants, mid-class, and you have no access to a pad or tampon.

Hello, crisis mode no man will ever understand. There’s a reason women get so close in bathroom lines, it’s like a battleground in there.

This fall semester Brown University made news by stocking their bathrooms with free tampons and pads. It might look like Brown is ahead of the game, but in reality, the rest of the country is just far behind. 

So, why haven’t we demanded that free pads and tampons be stocked in all public bathrooms?

I don’t believe that it’s male representation refusing to help women— nobody wants to stand in the way of a woman and a menstrual accident. But it’s about time for women to demand a health need that may have never been asked for before.

There is no shortage of free condoms on college campuses. Passing out free condoms to students is fantastic- it prevents pregnancies and the spread of STDs. But, at the end of the day, sex is a choice and periods aren’t. If college campuses can fund supplies for something students are choosing to partake in, why not fund a women’s health need that is not a voluntary choice?

Just like stocking the bathrooms with toilet paper, it’s something that all women using the bathroom need access to. With around half of each college’s population being women, it’s about time something is said.

The conversation surrounding women’s health has been silenced for long enough. And letting the world know that feminine hygiene products are a necessity, not a luxury – may open up discourse on other serious women’s health needs. If we stand up and demand a simple change is made for women’s menstruation, imagine what we will stand up for and demand next in the name of women’s health.

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