City Schools Versus Country Schools: The Best Of Both

Deciding where to apply, and where to eventually go to college is not an easy process. Every college offers something different: in majors and minors, extra-curricular activities, average class size and so much more. But perhaps one of the biggest factors that plays into making a four-year commitment is one simple thing: location.

For some, a typical “college town” is the perfect environment. With plenty of school spirit, sporting events galore, and a very active Greek system, these kinds of schools are usually pretty far from the nearest major city. For others, a city school is much more ideal. Urban schools are just a small part of everything a major city offers, and students have so many cool opportunities just a walk away.

There are plenty of reasons some people prefer country schools and others like the big city. Can’t decide for yourself? How about a list of why both are awesome options? Here are the best reasons of why some girls pick city schools versus country schools, and vice-versa.


The Chicago Theatre, in Chicago's Central Loop area downtown. There are lots of people and so much to do in the Loop!
The Chicago Theatre, in Chicago’s Central Loop area downtown. There are lots of people and so much to do in the Loop!

– There’s never “nothing to do”. Being bored in your dorm room is an unlikely occurrence at a city school. Hop on the nearest bus or train and check out a concert, grab food or drinks with your friends, or wander a local museum for an afternoon. Don’t forget that school ID- lots of cities offer big discounts if you’re a student! Unlike country schools, urban areas provide tons of nightlife, dining and entertainment for students and locals alike.

– Internships are everywhere. If you’re hoping to get hands-on work experience, there’s no better place to do so than an internship. Some are paid, some are unpaid, but without a doubt, there are far more opportunities in urban areas than anywhere else. Being in the city during the school year means interning when there are less applicants- summer internships are crazy competitive. So that dream internship might just be a little easier to get in fall or spring.

– Have transportation, will travel! One of the best things about big cities is how easy it is to travel around them! You’ll have the hang of your local train and bus routes in no time, and if you don’t? Well, there’s an app for that. Everything you could ever want is just a few stops away. And if you’re somehow getting restless and bored? You can bet there’s a cheap train, bus or plane to visit somewhere new for the weekend.


The Main Quad at the University of Illinois, summer 2013. Such a gorgeous place to study or have an iced coffee with friends!
The Main Quad at the University of Illinois, summer 2013. Such a gorgeous place to study or have an iced coffee with friends!

Greek life is huge! Ever wondered what it would be like to join a sorority? It’s not like the movies- for many girls, it’s way better, and it becomes their home for four amazing years. While Greek life isn’t for everyone, if you want to get involved, you’ll have more opportunity on a rural campus- involvement rates are much higher, and the events are more widely attended. It’s a built in study group, social calendar, and networking opportunity all in one place, not to mention girls you could be friends with for life.

Campus is super inter-connected. In the city, you may have to catch a train, walk a few long blocks, AND take the bus just to get to work or a friend’s place! Campus towns are much more compact and easy to navigate. You’re likely to run into a friend at the library, on your way to class, or even at a random bar on a Tuesday night. And if you need to get to a friend’s place, chances are it’ll take you ten to fifteen minutes max.

Show that school spirit! Since rural campuses are fairly isolated, a lot of weekend activities revolve around school athletics. If you’re looking for a team to cheer on, there’s no shortage! From football to basketball, volleyball to swimming, every school offers various events for men and women to both compete in and spectate. So put on that campus t-shirt and wear your face paint proudly every Saturday afternoon- you definitely won’t be alone!

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