Why Your City Needs A ‘Gal Pal’ Facebook Group

What is a Facebook Gal Pal group I hear you ask? Before I was added to it, I wondered the same thing. You see one night out at a bar; I met a few girls in the bathroom who asked if I was in ‘Melbourne Gal Pals’ (MGP, for short). Confused yet interested I questioned the concept and they said ‘OMG we have to add you!’

Sure enough, later that night I was accepted into the secret Facebook group consisting of 36,000 girls from my hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

To put it simply, we share:

Life advice






‘Live’ videos

usually GRWM (get ready with me) – featuring girls applying their makeup, selecting outfits and just answering general questions thrown to them by the other girls online


Photoshop skills

























Followed by a thread of memesscreen-shot-2016-09-29-at-10-38-39-am


TV show advice



Outfit advice


Makeup advice


As if all that wasn’t enough to procrastinate your day away, we also share job interview stories, date ideas, gift ideas, clothing rental, videos, fan girl stories, homework help, the list goes on. It’s like a girl world portal to get lost in for days.

This page has united young women all over our city. Train rides with random girls now turn into a meet up, long lines for concerts are a social gathering and even a trip to the grocery store has girls sharing stories over the recent hilarious post on Melbourne Gal Pals.

Like any great group, the page has its own set of rules including:

  • ‘NO BOYS!!
  • No bullying – let’s all be friends here!
  • NO DISCRIMINATING! This environment should be welcoming at all times, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion however you should all know the line and know when you shouldn’t cross it!
  • No screenshotting of girl’s posts, to send to others outside of the group, we should all feel comfortable to trust each other!
  • If you fail to follow these rules you will be removed from the group. We want this place to be somewhere girls feel comfortable expressing themselves and feel safe and where they can just have fun, so let’s keep it that way!!!’

The group has become a great support network for girls in Melbourne. We encourage compliment and inspire each other every day.

Don’t have a city gal pal group? Be the instigator.

*all posts featured in this article have been granted permission by the girls of MGP*

Stephanie Vigilante

| Melbourne, Australia | Marketing Graduate | Journalism Student | Her heart belongs to: the beach, Nutella, soccer, pasta and her puppy Zac | You can find her: by the water, listening to Coldplay, planning her next adventure |

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