Catfish And The Bottlemen: Your New Favorite Alt Rock Band

With their super memorable name and an insane amount of talent, U.K. alt rockers, Catfish and the Bottlemen are about to take over the music world. This group of guys from Llandudno, North Wales formed in 2007 and are quickly climbing their way to the top of the rock legend ladder. For fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Killers, The Kooks, or Jake Bugg, their music is proof that rock and roll is still very much alive.

How did Catfish and the Bottlemen get their start? Well, the old fashioned way. Gig after gig, word of mouth, and parking out of concerts and handing out free CDs that they played out of the trunk. That’s how these guys made a name for themselves. Mad respect already, right?!

The band’s wacky name happens to derive from lead singer Van McCann’s first ever experience with music when he was as a child in Australia. McCann was at a café watching a street performer play a washing line with bottles; the performer was called “Catfish the Bottleman”.

Their sound has a garage rock feel combined with heart wrenching lyrics that speak straight to your soul. Front man Van McCann, named after the legendary Van Morrison, has a killer voice filled with a unique sense of youthful rebellion. He sings beautiful lines like “I rather go blind than let you down” or “I am so impatient when you’re not mine” that are backed up by incredibly commanding instrumentals. His vocals sprinkled with lyrical genius, paired with amazing guitar hooks, make up the perfection that is Catfish’s debut album, The Balcony. McCann says the album, which dropped Fall 2014, is all about “being positive, looking forward, [and] surrounding yourself with good people”.

Songs like “Fallout” and “Pacifier” provide an attacking sound that demands to be heard in the best of ways, while singles “Kathleen” and “Homesick” deliver catchy hooks that are perfect for blasting out of your car with the windows down on sticky, hot summer nights. Their music has somehow found a way to encapsulate the perils of being young,  in love, confused, angry, and free all at once. Their rugged and raw authenticity, makes for the new modern age of rock music our generation craves and, more importantly, needs.

Loving their sound already? You can catch Catfish and the Bottlemen on their US Tour or at several summer festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

Check out the powerful video for their hit song “Cocoon” off their album The Balcony, available on iTunes.

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