The Best Way To Print Pictures From Your Phone

Our smartphones are maxed out with photos streams. Capturing moments we want to cherish and share has only been made easier through the high-powered cameras on our phones. But the way we remember and share these photos have changed, and the art of the printed photo is disappearing.

But there is a group of revivalists that don’t want that tradition to disappear, and we couldn’t agree more. They realize that holding a printed photo in your hand has become more special than ever. As Artifact Uprising (more on the company later) says, we are “inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible.” So let’s bring it back.

Humor us. When we take a photo and keep at on our phone, we absolutely capture a moment. But that moment and that memory are still fluid. What we mean is, the photo can still be shared, cropped, adjusted, and fluffed with one of 1,000 of softly glowing filters. But when we print a photo, that’s it. The moment is static and the moment is crystallized. We have chosen the exact way to interpret and remember a moment, and then we can stick it next to our bed and see if every morning without unlocking something. Call us crazy, but that’s special.

So here is our roundup of all the freshest ways to take those photo bytes and turn them into authentic beauty.

Disposable camera

So these little babies are passed the point of being an outdated piece of technology you’d use at sleepovers and now have become a vintage way to capture major moments. The photo quality has that chic grainy look and you’ll get to practice that art of delayed gratification. The result is unexpected photos that you never had the chance to fuss over or edit, just memories. The bonus is you don’t have to worry about dropping, breaking, or losing your camera since it’s so cheap.

Polaroid Camera: Fujifilm Instax

InstaxFirst of all, these polaroid cameras just look so dang cute. Secondly, the little compact bodies instantly turn out little polaroids that look like you just walked out of the 70s. Trust me you won’t even want to edit a photo that looks so vintage and so classic. Camera’s start around $60 and are sold everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Jo-Anne’s fabric. You buy the fairly inexpensive film and let the playing begin. Oh, and that moment when you watch your image slowly develop from the white background, priceless. We recommend printing out a ton to create a photo wall.

Choose from three options:

The Instax mini 90 Neo Classic: A bit more advanced than the other Instax. This camera has bonus features including high-performance flash, different modes, brightness control, macro mode, and bulb and double exposure. Plus that leather style body=drool. For the more hands-on photographer.

The Instax Mini 8: The most popular of the line-up. The simple and cute little camera takes high-quality photos with no fuss.

The Instax Wide 300: Most polaroids print out horizontal prints, but this camera lets you take wide lens photos for a different perspective.

Artifact Uprising

Artifcat_UprisingThis authentic company is getting major media buzz recently and for good reason. Dedicated to the “disappearing beauty of the tangible” this company is aiming to tell your story through the dying art of print photos. So how do they do that? They are rethinking prints in beautiful and down-home ways. Think photo prints on thick, textured recycled paper, photo books printed straight from your Instagram, clipboard calendars made with reclaimed wood. You have to see it it yourself. It’s a company that is changing the way we see storytelling and doing good along the way. Oh yeah, and their Insta feed is fire.

Polaroid Zip

polaroid_printerSo printed photos don’t have to be old school or low tech. This new polaroid printer syncs directly with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or NFC and prints out richly colored photos in less than 60 seconds. The photos are 2×3 with a sticky back. And, through those tech geniuses, the printer doesn’t even use ink cartridges, toners, and ribbons.

Parabo Press

paraboParabo is a photo printer but with a more artistic slant that wants you to do more with your photos. The company turns out creative options like human-sized black and white prints, geometric mini prints, accordion rolls and they even sell display accessories. So not only are printing photos, but you are creating a work of art.


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