The Ultimate Brunching On A Budget Guide

I get it; there is nothing better than sitting outside with a pitcher of sangria and a few good friends, discussing why Caitlyn Jenner didn’t go with a K (and why she’s so much hotter than you are). However, apologizing to your wallet four times a week for such indulgences can get tiring and very stressful. Yes, that avocado toast is AMAZE, but $20? Not so hot and not so necessary. But it’s not like you can just give up your brunch dates; so luckily for us, it is possible to cut back on the spending and still enjoy brunching with your best gal pals.

You probably don’t need to be brunching four days a week.

There is no denying that brunch is great and a much needed stress reliever at times, but multiple days a week? Not 100% necessary. Instead of going on a whim whenever someone invites you or you get the urge to indulge in a scrumptious three-cheese omelet, set aside one day a week for brunch with you and your friends. Your wallet will thank you later.

Stick to a glass, not a pitcher.

It’s brunch, not a tailgate. No need to be getting drunk at 11 a.m. on a Sunday afternoon. Not to mention a pitcher of sangria is going to cost you $30 versus the $10 it would cost you for a glass, which — even though it may be difficult to admit — is probably all you really need. Save that drink money for nights out on the town.


Ugh, I know — the s word, right? You thought once you grew up you could chill on the sharing thing, but maybe it’s better not to. I get it, it get it; while you’re salivating over the cinnamon-covered french toast, your friend to your left loves the fruit plate, the other swears by the kale salad, and you’ve all been dying to try the acai bowl. There’s another $20 each. Instead of all ordering different appetizers, try picking a couple you can all agree on and split the cost. It’s not like you won’t be back next week to mix it up.

Speaking of sharing, ask about portion size.

If a couple of you both want waffles, and the server tells you it’s enough for a few people, she’s probably right. Listen to her and get it to share. It’s not like you can’t get more if it was less than you were expecting. This turns a $20 item into a $10.

You can actually brunch at home.

Crazy right?! That’s not how the Sex And The City girls do it. Then again the SATC women all have grown-up jobs and money to actually spend on brunch, (although I’ve come to realize that no one in New York can actually afford brunch.) Get your girls together and make it a pot-luck; everyone can prepare their favorite dish, and then you can all feast. Decorating can be fun too with the help of Pinterest, so get creative.

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