Is A Bob Right For You? 10 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Chop

I made the cut the summer before my sophomore year of college. I took a whopping six inches off of the hair I worked years to grow out. As the first of my friends to take a hairy leap, many of them immediately asked, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” A rebellious streak prompted the decision, but I did not realize the benefits of the change until later.

Any girl can pull off the bob with the right attitude, confidence and style. Take a look, and decide if a bob haircut is the next big style to try!

1. You have a natural hair texture you already love.

Whether a girl has curly or straight locks, a bob hairstyle emphasizes a natural texture. Curls become more voluminous and straight strands take on a more blunt structure. With a bob hairstyle, styling can change from past routines and take adjustment time. Love for natural locks helps to make the bob decision even easier.

2. You’re trying to cut back on your morning routine.

Shampoo, conditioner and blow drying will all take half the time with a bob haircut. Inches off the hair means minutes off of a long morning prep routine. Get a few hours of extra sleep and still make your 7:30am class on time.

3. You want a more professional/mature look.

Weird but true, a bob hairstyle creates makes any person look and feel older. As women entering the real, adult world, a bob says, “Please hire me, and I look damn good in a suit.”

4. You’re ready to donate to a good cause.

Help children and women battling diseases such as cancer or alopecia with hair donations. Most organizations want a minimum 8-inch donation to qualify, but the wait is worth the reward. Check out Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths or Wigs for Kids to learn more about the process.

5. You’re an avid glasses wearer.

As a girl who has worn glasses since the age of five, a bob is a perfect counterpart to a fresh pair of specs. A bob frames the face, and the glasses become a stronger focal point.

6. You want the shock value.

Get ready for the Instagram likes.

7. You’re ready for a change or a fresh start.

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Whether a new semester is around the corner or a fresh break-up, a new haircut can allow a girl to feel new and excited towards a new unknown. Take on a new adventure or life path with a cut that scream “bold.”

8. You want to kick the “attractive” rules to the curb.

Who’s tired of hearing only long hair is attractive on girls? Long hair is glorified as the what men want or the epitome of sexiness. A short hairstyle tests those long-held rules and shows a woman’s hair does not define her beauty. Take Emma Watson for example…everyone loved her whether she had Hermione hair or a short pixie cut. Channel the Emma Watson spirit. You look good in anything. 

9. You’re ready to radiate confidence.

A shorter hairstyle makes a woman come out of the hair shell and find beauty and confidence from within herself. Break out of what everyone else is doing. Having the same haircut since 7th great is just so not fun. 

10. You’ve done your research.

The most important part of trying a bob! Look on Pinterest to find styles. Talk over the cut with a trusted hairstylist. With research and time, a perfect bob can be found for anyone. Check out the celebrity examples below to become inspired to take the cut.

Oval Face Shape: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Long Face Shape: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

Round Face Shape: Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Square Face Shape: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Heart Face Shape: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Diamond Face Shape: Ciara


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