How My Birthday Suit Became My Favorite Outfit

I never thought much about being naked. Being naked was usually part of my mindless morning and night routine. I normally get in the shower and get dressed almost immediately. To put it bluntly- I barely ever see my true body without clothes on. And I’m not quite sure why.

One evening, in the middle of a hectic week, that all changed. During my crazy schedule, I lost track of time and barely touched the growing laundry pile in the corner of my room- literally everything I owned was dirty. When I got home from class, I took off my last pair of clean sweatpants and threw everything into the washing machine. Then I just stood there. Naked.

I sat at my desk (on a well-cushioned chair) and read while drinking a bowl of cereal before applying a face mask. In the process, I found a scar I never knew I had and I realized I had stretch marks running down my thigh. It gave me a moment to realize how much my body had changed since the last time I had seen it naked.

I began to wonder, how many of us really know our bodies? I mean we spend every waking moment with our bodies and I thought that after 20 years, I knew my body pretty well. I didn’t always agree with it and granted it had a mind of its own, but when it comes down to it, I was stuck with it.

When we’re children we have this weird relationship with our bodies. It’s like we forget they are there. At that age, they’re just a vessel for fun and learning and chasing your crush around the playground.  Then you grow up, and it becomes a source of frustration and for many women, shame.

Typically, there are three reasons where I get naked. 1.) showers 2.) getting dressed and 3.) sex.

When I’m in the shower, I’m rushing to get clean. When I’m getting dressed, I’m rushing to put clothes on. And when I’m having sex, I’m not getting naked just for me, it’s for my partner too.

Sex used to have the ability to either make me hate or love my body. It was that moment when I was naked and saw a reaction in my partner’s eyes that ultimately made me decide how I felt about myself. And that isn’t fair.

Yes, I’ll take my clothes off for my partner- but when do I ever just take my clothes off just for myself? For the pure love of knowing my own body? Never. I found a new appreciation for my body, without the eyes of someone else’s judgments.

If the thought of self-love and appreciation isn’t appealing enough, think of the health benefits.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to monitor the changes of your body. I realized the more time I spent simply being naked, the less my body shocked me. Knowing where funny shaped freckles are, or giving your breasts a feel every once in a while could be a life-saving routine. A totally nude life-saving routine.

Being naked almost made me feel like I was 2 years old again, walking around in just my shoes without a care in the world, with no regard for what the world thought my body should look like. As for what people thought of my body, that began to fade into the background. At that point, no one could tell me something that I didn’t already know.

I knew that I didn’t look like Kendall Jenner or simply half of the girls I saw on Instagram and as I sit here happily typing this in my birthday suit, I am okay with that. Well if I am honest, I’m learning to be okay with that, but then I have my whole life to figure it out and that’s something to look forward to.

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