Birchbox: Personalized Beauty Packages at Your Doorstep

You’ve seen it in magazines like Glamour and InStyle and read about it on beauty sites–but what exactly is Birchbox? In the wise words of Beyonce, let us “upgrade you” and your morning beauty routine.

Birchbox is a revolutionary way to shop the best beauty products and find out which brands you love before you break the bank (if you’ve ever walked out of Sephora wanting to cry, you’ll understand what we mean). By purchasing a monthly $10 subscription to Birchbox, you’ll receive a package a month containing anything from makeup to skincare products to awesome extra goodies that are tailored to your lifestyle.

The best part? You never know what samples you’re going to get, which gives subscribers the chance to learn about new products and companies. If you end up liking the product, you can shop the Birchbox store!


Birchbox also has a men’s subscription for those of you who like your men to stay well-groomed. The men’s subscription includes skincare and other hygienic products as well as electronic accessories.

The Birchbox Magazine and Guide are essentially beauty blogs, posting everything from beauty DIY’s, inspiration, how-to videos, expert makeup techniques and other articles aimed specifically at improving your daily beauty routine.

If you’re still skeptical, check out this nifty Birchbox promo vid and then try to tell us this isn’t the best idea, like, ever.

Hayden Brooks

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