The Best Part-Time Jobs For Your Personality

Before entering the stressful stage of post-grad career hunting, most college students (at one point or another) find themselves searching for a part-time job. While you may be tempted to pick up an application at the first place you see, consider seeking a job that not only satisfies your bank account, but your personality too. Choosing a part-time job based off your personality helps to guarantee a successful and enjoyable employment— you may even end up discovering the career you want to chase after graduation! Check out the lala’s part-time job suggestions based off of personality type.


Introverts should look for jobs where they can learn and express themselves with limited social interaction. An ideal part-time job for the introvert girl is a social media manager. Social media managers are responsible for the digital content of small businesses. These jobs are ideal for tech-savvy college students with a knowledge and understanding of all social media platforms. Approaching local stores or businesses first-hand is an excellent strategy to land this gig!


The extrovert thrives in a social atmosphere. Part-time jobs that extroverts excel at are typically service industry related— think retail or restaurant work. The outgoing extrovert girl should seek employment at her local clothing boutique or restaurant, this way they’re interacting with customers and co-workers on a daily basis.


Nurturing, caring personality types should gravitate towards jobs where they are responsible for others. The nurturing girl can find success as a dog walker or babysitter— both are awesome part-time jobs with flexible hours, good money, and major levels of cuteness (plus, it’s easy to find websites where you can create a profile and have potential families contact you).


The artistic girl should search for a part-time job where she is surrounded by creativity. Try searching for a position at an art gallery— even if you’re just hired to answer the phones, taking a step into the industry can never hurt (you never know what connections you might make).


An ideal job for the problem-solving thinker is a tutor. Tutoring is a great part-time job, as many elementary schools hire sharp college students for after-school tutoring during the week. Families also hire private in-home tutors to help their kids with specific subjects. Teaching and working with children is great experience for future jobs or careers!


The girl who loves being outside should seek a part-time job at her university as a tour guide. University tour guides typically walk potential students and families across the entire campus, which includes a lot of time outside. A position as a tour guide allows you to interact with others, increase your public-speaking and conversation skills, and spend large quantities of time outside.


Sporty girls should seek part-time employment as a sports instructor or camp counselor. During the school year, try applying at your local gym to teach a kids’ swim class. When summer rolls around, consider applying for a position as a camp counselor.

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