The Basics Of Cold Emailing

For my Lala girls in pursuit of an awesome internship: meet cold emailing, the millennials’ version of cold calling.

Cold emailing is a simple and effective job scoring tactic. You want a leg up on an internship at your favorite magazine, retailer or company? Email someone who works there, whether you know them or not.

Sending an email to a complete stranger is a little nerve-wracking, but with some effort that email could turn into your dream internship.

Here are the basics:

Find An Email Address: At most major companies, the hiring manager is your go-to source for insights into job openings and internships. Do a little LinkedIn creeping or a quick search of the company website, and you’ll be amazed by what contact information you can find.

Use A Catchy (But Straightforward) Subject Line: Hiring managers at big-name businesses get hundreds of emails per day. They don’t have time to open every message in their inbox, so anything that looks like spam will get sent straight to the trash. Give your email a subject line that’s a little more eye-catching than “Interested In An Internship” to increase your email’s odds of getting noticed.

Keep Your Message Short ‘n Sweet: It’s difficult to get someone you don’t know to open an email from you, let alone read it! Think of your email as a 30-second elevator pitch: give three or four convincing, concise sentences to entice someone at the company to meet with you.

In the first sentence of your email, state your name, what school you attend and any specific career goals. Make your second sentence even more personal by mentioning your contact’s career and how you would love to hear more about their background. Sum up your email by asking to meet with them over coffee. Keep in mind that you’re not begging for a job, you just want to link up and chat about their career!

Reach Out To Only One Person: The whole company doesn’t want the same generic email. Do your research and send your cold email to the person that you believe is high up enough in the company to make an impact on your internship pursuits. Keep your content original by referencing something unique about the person’s job or including a hyperlink to a site that makes mention of your contact’s accomplishments.

Then suggest a time and a nearby coffee house, and press “send.”

Who knows? Your ticket to an amazing internship may just be one email away!


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