#BanTheBead Puts Our Environment First

Exfoliation feels so good – until you realize the impact those little exfoliating beads have on our Earth.

According to Lush Cosmetics, a single tube of facial scrub can contain more than 300,000 microbeads. After performing their task on our skin, these non-biodegradable beads are washed down the drain, straight into our waterways. Once they make their way out of the pipes, they absorb toxins and are subsequently mistaken for viable food by marine life. As we exfoliate our skin without a care in the world other than softening our faces, millions of microbeads are making their way into the digestive systems of animals that don’t know any better.


Luckily for us, we do know better. Now is the time where you make a change. As of now, 470 million microbeads pollute the San Francisco Bay on a daily basis. That is a completely terrifying statistic — but it’s also completely changeable.

Instead of purchasing exfoliants containing beads, look for natural scrubs with sea salt or ground nuts. You can give your skin a good scrub without polluting the Earth and putting animals at risk.


That’s why the people at Lush Cosmetics — whom, for the record, only use all fresh and organic ingredients in their products — partnered with 5Gyres Institute to #BanTheBead. The two companies want to reduce plastic waste so that the ocean can live. It’s simple and you can help.

Sign the petition to show you won’t buy products using microbeads. The petition will also go towards supporting legislation to ban the use of microbeads in all products. To display your commitment proudly, post a selfie using your natural scrubs with #BanTheBead and tag your Congressional Representative. A list of handles can be found here.


Looking to go ahead and take the plunge? Try Lush’s Life’s A Beach shower scrub. It’s completely natural and features sea salt and sand for a gentle exfoliation that doesn’t harm the environment. On top of that, 100% of the purchase price will be donated to organizations that protect the Earth from microbead pollution.

Commit to #BanTheBead. Let’s not be the generation that puts our cosmetics before our environment.


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