B-List Boy Bands: Best Throwback Tracks

We’re convinced boy bands make the world go round. From Backstreet to 1D, boys in bands will always have our hearts.

But do you ever wonder what happened to that one nineties boy band that wasn’t so famous? We’ve decided to show some love to NSYNC’s lesser known counterparts by compiling a list of our favorite B-list boy bands and their best tracks.

LMNT – “Juliet”

This short-lived boy band created one of the catchiest songs of the 2000s and we’re not mad about it. LMNT only released one album in addition to a song on the Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack, but in our opinion, LMNT killed it in the one-hit wonder category. “Juliet” is the ultimate lip-syncing/karaoke song.

O-Town – “All or Nothing”

O-Town is proof that a breakup is never permanent in boy band world (take note, 1D fans). After nearly a decade, the men of O-Town reunited in 2014 and released new album, Lines & Circles. “All or Nothing” is a classic example of the dramatic love ballad typical of the boy band genre.

Varsity Fanclub – “Future Love”

Varsity Fanclub brought many nineties elements into the late 2000s as well as hope for a new generation of boy bands. But much to our disappointment, Varsity Fanclub’s career as a band only lasted two short years. This music video features futuristic themes, fingerless gloves, and Miley’s old pal/choreographer, Mandy Jiroux.

Dream Street – “It Happens Every Time”

Jesse McCartney got his start down on Dream Street. Take note of the lava lamp, gelled hairstyles, and distinctly nineties fashion in the “It Happens Every Time” video. An unfortunate legal dispute between the boys’ parents and the band’s managers led to the demise of Dream Street in 2002.

Big Time Rush -“Boyfriend”

A product of the 2010s, Big Time Rush (also known as BTR), started out on a Nickelodeon show with the same name. The boy band is currently on hiatus as of 2013. But you can still enjoy their old music video for “Boyfriend” which features hilarious scenes of Snoop Dogg jamming to BTR in a futuristic club.

Push Play – “Dreamers”

Push Play never made it big, but they provided tons of tunes for those who were into the electronic boy band scene back in 2008. “Dreamers” is a classic electro-ballad that still tugs at our heartstrings.

Metro Station – “Shake It”

The siblings of Hannah Montana cast members came together and formed this band and we still love them. Metro Station took a long break, but got back together in 2015 and is currently touring their new album. So we can all “shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it” again.

BBMak – “Back Here”

BBMak filled the order for a British boy band from 1999-2003. A more chilled-out version of the boy band, BBMak’s soft rock sound and blended vocals continue to melt our hearts.

Stevie Brock – “All For Love”

Stevie Brock was a solo artist, but the late 90s/early 2000s sound characteristic of boy bands is definitely present in Stevie’s single, “All For Love”. Set in an arcade, the music video will have you longing for a simpler time.


Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and JC Chasez as a mini boy band on Mickey Mouse Club.

Watch for the synchronized swaying at the end. Also, we wouldn’t be opposed to a reunion performance from these guys.

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