We Asked Sorority Girls The Best/Worst Things About Living In A Sorority House

This is not your typical sorority article. We aren’t going to tell you everything you already know: that your house rocks and the girls in it are the most kickass, incredible people you’ve ever met.

We are going to be straight up though. There are some awesome parts about being a sorority woman, such as living in a mansion full of your favorite people anddd there are some not so wonderful parts too.

We interviewed sorority women from all over the country:

Their favorite things about living in their sorority house were:

  • “Your therapist either lives with you or right down the hall.”


  • “It is always funny to watch my roommate come home after a night out; she enjoys throwing food around and making snow angels on our floor.”


  • “Houseboys become some of your best friends. We have a couple upper-class fraternity men who help with cooking, dishes, and then they eat all their meals with us.”


  • “No one will judge you if you wander into their room at 4 am eating Panda Express and looking for a conversation.”


  • “There is always someone to brush my teeth for me when I am too drunk to do it myself.”


  • “If you pass out somewhere other than your bed someone will always cover you with a blanket.”


  • “We have a library in the house for popular classes. It saves time, money, and everyone has access to it.”


  • “Spontaneous adventures: Merry Anne’s at 1 am, bonfires on a Sunday night when you should be doing homework, and dance parties during finals. It doesn’t get any better.”


  • “FREE BOOBIN’ FOR DAYS. But actually, there’s no dress code. Walking around in onesie pajamas, no bra, and zero makeup is one hundred percent okay, unlike in the dorms…”

But, oddly enough, when we asked them what they liked least about it, they didn’t have much to say. Besides the monotonicity of the food, they all seemed to be at a loss for words.

We had to really dig for these, but living in a sorority house sucks when…

  • “Oh, always being a victim of someone’s Thirsty Thursday. Someone puked right next to my head in the Cold Air Dorm. I guess that’s what happens when you have one too many mixies on mug night.”


  • “You surprise your sister by throwing cold water on her as soon as she turns off the shower…and then laughing because they do it back to you.”


  • “If you want to have a private phone conversation– forget it. There is always someone around.”


  • “You become close to so many girls that picking a maid of honor is gonna come down to who has the least amount of blackmail on you.”


  • “First rule of pooping: don’t wear the same shoes all the time. Your roommate will notice and call you out for taking too long in front of the whole floor.”


  • “Somehow everyone always finds out the ratchet stuff you did the night before.”


  • “You accumulate many shack shirts because boys aren’t allowed to sleep over. I plan on turning all of mine into a quilt.”


  • “Your apartment the following year will never compare, so you will spend most of your days at the house: eating, doing homework, and casually sleeping in your little’s bed. #seniority.”

Inspired to live in? We thought so.

Your sorority doesn’t have a house? Who said this experience stops in college? Becoming a house mom is a trendy way to live when you’re saving money in grad school, avoiding the real world, or just looking for late nights with your gal-pals.

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