We Asked 6 STEM Students About The Future Of Science Under Trump

It’s no secret that new legislation from the Trump administration concerning science has STEM students perplexed about the state of their futures– not to mention the rest of the world’s future. Our current U.S. President has cut funds for restoration projects, denied climate change, and has made questionable statements about what constitutes the “truth.”

We asked 6 STEM students their thoughts on the current president and how he’ll affect the future of science.

“Obviously Trump’s systematic dismantling of our environmental agencies and science funding is pretty terrifying, but I think the effects of global warming, in particular, are already such a massive problem. The need for these funds is becoming greater and greater every year as the effects get worse. We won’t be able to ignore it for much longer. After this toxic administration is out of power, I don’t think our government will be fighting science funding so much.”

-Andrew, Chemistry major

“I’m scared for my future. I’m scared for our collective future. The profession I’m trying to go into is diminishing, which is discouraging enough. But more than that, our overall health and safety are in jeopardy with him as our president.”

-Danielle, Marine Science and Psychology major

“It’s hard to imagine that after putting so much time and energy into being successful in my classes and working towards obtaining a job to assist the current and almost tragic state of our oceans, that future places of research may be terminated because authorities have failed to see the importance of scientific research and how vital it is to our delicate planet. Science is our past, present, and future and we need to be continuing to grow this scientific community in order to advance and calculate more sustainable ways of living, not cutting funds to these research facilities.  I sincerely hope there is a future for me and my peers as we continue to work diligently to become the future scientists.”

-Elizabeth, Marine Science major

“It’s clear that President Trump has little knowledge about environmental issues, so it’s frightening that he’s cutting funding organizations like the EPA and NOAA that are so vital to environmental research and protection. As a biochemistry major, I find it absurd that the administration is making decisions about vaccinations. There are people who have devoted their lives to researching this, and Trump is not one of those people. It’s not his call. We need to learn to listen to the people with real, evidence-based knowledge.”

-Sean, Biochemistry major

“I think cutting science budgets is ridiculous. With global temperatures rising, what plans will be available? And how will we find out if there is no EPA to help us? We need funds to go to programs like the EPA. If nothing else, just to protect us from ourselves.”

-Erin, Chemistry major

“You can’t make the country happy, or even sustainable, if you don’t preserve its natural beauty and try and figure out the scientific secrets we have yet to unlock. That’s where a lot of our country’s funding belongs. That’s what matters.”

-Alex, Biochemistry major


Featured Image via. Cameron Smith

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