Why You Should Ask Him Out On A Coffee Date

For the longest time, the norm of the dating world has been this: guy asks girl out on date, girl says yes, guy pays, the end.

But this is 2014. Times have changed, and it is time to embrace that change as women… with a cup of coffee or two that is.

Women are powerful, courageous and full of great ideas. It is time we start asking guys out on dates ourselves, and what better date than a little coffee rendezvous? It doesn’t have to be the Sadie Hawkins dance to ask a guy out. Just make the first move, be bold, be confident and most of all, be THAT girl. Here’s why you should ask your next fling out for a cup of Joe the next time you see him:

It makes a statement and a great impression.

Guys love to see that a girl can take matters into her own hands, and they love it even more when a girl does not care what other people think. Be the courageous one and make that guy you’ve been crushing on for weeks say, “WOW, she is so confident.”

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It’s casual.

Meals are often tricky and risky… breakfast is too much like you are a couple, lunch is almost too friendly and dinner is too formal. Coffee is the perfect treat, and coffee shops are great environments to get to know someone and be comfortable at the same time. It definitely takes the pressure off.

It will give you an idea of the kind of guy he is.

Maybe you thought this guy was Mr. Right, but just wait until you see what he orders at the coffee shop. If this man orders a frappuccino… Let’s just say you might have to reevaluate your first instincts. On top of that, seeing his manners at the shop will be just as evident as if you were to go out for a meal. It’s like a sneak peek into his habits.thanksgiving break (28)

It can last as long or short as you want.

Let’s just say you finally get to sit down with this guy, and he is a total dud. At least all you have to finish is one little cup of coffee or maybe a pastry before you can bolt. On the other hand, he could be a total catch and you may want to talk to him for hours. In this case, stay a while, get a few refills and relax.

It’s a great first step (in the right direction).

All good things start off slowly and gradually. A coffee date is the perfect first step in getting to know someone better, and you can always move forward to bigger and better things after the date like dinner or a movie. Take a chance, be bold, make the first move and ask a guy out! It’s time we break the norms and go out on a limb to find love.




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