The Artists We Are Dying To See Collaborate

Every artist has a distinct sound that provides them with their own identity within the music industry. It allows them to stand out in a competitive field where individuality is essential. Although musical artists are talented on their own, the collaborative work they could create with an artist that has a similar sound would be a dream come true.

Listed below are the artist collaborations that would create some serious chart toppers, as well as a song of each artist that showcases their compatibility with the dream collaborator.

Adele and Lana Del Ray

With Adele’s powerful sound and Lana’s sultry lower vocal range, the two would make for a beautiful collaboration. The collaborative song would possess the dark and haunting elements of Lana’s voice as well as emotion, evoked by Adele’s voice. I’d grab the nearest tissue box because their collaborative song would likely be a dazzling tearjerker.

“Hello” by Adele

“Honeymoon” by Lana Del Ray

The Weeknd and The 1975

The smooth tones of both artists would create a collaborative song with a sophisticated mix of darkness and seduction. The stunning vocals of The Weeknd and the smoky enigmatic voice of Matt Healy, lead singer of The 1975, pair perfectly together.

“Often” by The Weeknd

“Menswear” by The 1975


Florence + the Machine and Sia

Florence Welch’s ethereal vocals would harmonize elegantly with the emotive vocals of Sia. Given that both artists know fully well how to belt out their voices, their collaborative song would definitely be a powerhouse spectacle for listeners. This collab would give listeners endless chills.

“Seven Devils” by Florence + the Machine

“Kill and Run” by Sia


John Newman and Capital Cities

You might recognize the voice of John Newman from Calvin Harris’, “Blame.” The strong, retro-soul pop sounds of John Newman are reminiscent of the band Capital Cities, who also effectively mix the big band sound of jazz with modern pop. Combine the two and you would get a collaborative song that would have everyone on their feet dancing.

“Something Special” by John Newman

“Kangaroo Court” by Capital Cities


Frank Ocean and Justin Timberlake

They’re already friends so why not collaborate? Both Frank Ocean and Justin Timberlake are masters of the contemporary R&B genre in their own ways. Their collaborative song would have the potential to fuse their individual musical talents into a smooth and surreal ballad.

“Lost” by Frank Ocean

“Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake


Have any dream collaborations of your own? Share them with us in the comment section below and on social media @FollowtheLala.

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