BFF Degrees Are The New MRS Degrees

We’ve all heard the joke. . .“I’m here to pursue my MRS degree!” For those of you who have no idea what this means, let’s break it down. The “MRS” degree isn’t a legitimate degree. It’s just a clever way of saying “I came to college to meet a husband and become Mrs. Right.”

Well, finding the man of your dreams during your four years at college sounds nice, but it’s not guaranteed that this will happen. And it’s definitely not the reason you’re here.

But you might be pursuing another imaginary degree without even realizing it. Let’s call it the B.F.F. degree. Sooner than you’ll meet the perfect guy, you’ll meet the perfect girl(s): your soulmate, best friend who will survive the crazy, amazing college years with you.

Just like you have certain qualities you look for in a guy, you’ve got a list of criteria that your best friend should meet. Is she someone who makes you laugh out loud at least once a day? Could you move to the city and live together after graduation? Do you both love/hate cats? Subconsciously, while meeting and greeting new faces every weekend, you search for these qualities in the girls that live in your hallway, the one who sits next to you in philosophical ethics, or the ones who you bond with waiting in line for the bathroom. Before you know it, you’ve got enough credits for an imaginary degree of your own.

Think about it. How many nights do you stay up late eating 3 a.m. pizza and strolling home arm in arm with your best friend? How many inside jokes do you have? How quickly did you realize ‘wow, we’re going to be great friends’ that fateful night you met freshmen year? You’re going to graduate with your B.F.F. degree and you didn’t even realize you were pursuing one. It’s one of the many beautiful little secrets of your college years; you’ve found a life partner without the pressure of “ is he the one?”

For all the freshmen out there that are worried about the first few weeks of school, we’ve got some pro tips on meeting your future BFFs:

  1. Keep your door open – people will be more likely to say hi!
  2. Introduce yourself – don’t be afraid to knock on doors in your hallway and establish a relationship.
  3. Second, not first impressions – give everyone at least a second impression before deciding if you click; college is a tough transition and not everyone comes off as graceful and charming on their first try.

The B.F.F. degree isn’t something you have to go out in search for—be yourself and it will come to you.


Image via Phoenix Niewidok


Alyssa Fiorentino

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