Ke$ha Just Gave A Whole New Meaning To Her Album, “Animal”

Ke$ha is a true #GirlBoss. She sings songs that make you want to dance, are body positive, and fight for animals like no other. After watching her most recent commercial promoting The Humane Society’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign, we can’t stop thinking about the awesome message she’s sending, and we don’t think you will be able to either.

Like everyone else, we love our furry friends. Also, like everyone else, looking for products that are cruelty-free can become an afterthought when strolling through the nearest Sephora and seeing that lipstick you absolutely MUST have. But girl, looking for products that are cruelty-free is something that we must bring to the forefront, and Ke$ha’s commercial is sure to make you remember it!

This is not the first time Ke$ha has released a cruelty-free ad, she also worked on this one about shark finning and this one about street dogs. Following in the footsteps of stars like Ellen and Sir Paul McCartney, Ke$ha has received Wyler Award from The Human Society of the United States, which honors celebs who use the media to increase awareness of animals issues.

Another video Ke$ha made highlights some of the legislative agenda The Humane Society is pushing. These legislative actions include bills on animal fighting, chimpanzees from laboratories and factory farms.

Ke$ha “won’t stop” after these ads, saying “I don’t understand how anyone can justify abusing or exploiting animals, and as long as it continues, I intend to keep talking about it.”

If you want to join Ke$ha and The Humane Society in this fight to pass a bill that prohibits corporations to test on animals, look up your local representative here, and give them a call. Feel free to leave a follow-up message here, on The Humane Society’s website. It’s quick, easy, and so very important.

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