According To This Study, Depression Is The Greatest Mental Health Issue Crippling Women

Mental illness in college is no surprise by now. As I’ve advanced through school, I’ve noticed that women seem to be more vocal about their mental health. We don’t mind sharing our struggles with depression, anxiety or any other mental illness. When it comes to mental health issues, women are leading the charge on spreading awareness.

Unfortunately, that’s no coincidence when you realize that women are two times more likely to suffer from mental illness than men. In a study from 2011, researchers found that almost 23% of women studied suffer from depression. For comparison, 13.1% of men suffer from depression. In terms of mental illnesses in women, depression seriously outpaces its competition, making itself the uncontested champion.

Considering the fact that mental health issues seem to come out of hiding during college with all of its tumultuous changes, it probably doesn’t surprise any Lala girls that depression is such a pressing issue. If you happen to be one of the 23% who is affected by depression, then I have some good news at least. You’re in good company.

I know that doesn’t make it instantly better–depression sucks. (I should know.) However, consider this: you’re not alone. There are women who know what you’re going through.Some may be in your friend group, your family, in your class.

Remember how I said earlier that women seemed to talk more about mental illness? Well, that includes doctors and writers and celebrities. If you do a general search on Google, there are so many articles talking about depression and how to combat it.

I know that some days, depression–any mental illness, really– can make things harder than necessary. I know that some days it will be impossible to find the will to take care of yourself and that it will feel lonely. But you’re not alone. It may be the thinnest silver lining that one can find, but it’s there. We can make the best of this too– we just need to work together.

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