9 Compliments That Are Better Than Being Called “Pretty”

Let’s first clarify one quick thing: every girl deserves to feel pretty. Being told you’re pretty is not a bad thing by any means. But it shouldn’t be the only compliment we value. Girls are more than their hair, their style, and the guy they’re dating. In fact, we think being called funny, smart, creative and driven blows “pretty” out of the water any day.  Below are a few things to keep in mind a few things we should tell our fabulous female counterparts a little more often.

1. You’re so witty.

Witty implies a certain intelligence that just regular funny lacks. Funny is the frat star in your econ class who doesn’t know shit about GDP (or what the acronym even stands for) but is sure to have a great story about blacking out last Tuesday night. Wit is always delivered with a level of sharpness and sass. So not only can you totally get a crowd going, you can earn a little respect too.

2. You’re so interesting.

There are attractive people everywhere– but how many of them actually pique your interest? What’s better than being told someone likes the way you look? That someone likes the way you are, as a human being. They like the whole of you. They like what you have to say and want to hear more. They appreciate the passion in your eyes when you talk about the new sketches you’re working on; they even want to hear more about your concept. When was the last time you read a terribly boring book just because “Wow the cover is WAY cute.” Same goes for people.

3. You have great taste in music.

Bonding over music taste with someone is such a unique connection. Flipping through your playlist, talking about your favorite lyrics, the coolest concert you’ve ever been too– these are all vulnerable details of your life. When someone compliments a deep part of you, you can’t help but feel straight up cool. 

4. You’re going places.

Being an ambitious #girlboss is a lot of pressure– And it’s nice to know that all of the time, effort, and stressing you’re putting in is being noticed. When someone sees you for all of your hard work and drive, you can’t help but feel badass. But it’s not like you didn’t know that already. “Why yes, I am going places, would you like to come along for the ride?”

5. I value your opinion.

Try to not feel important being told your opinion is valued, I dare you. Point blank, we, as humans, feel proud when someone cares what we think. Someone looks up to you enough and trusts you enough to value you. That’s powerful.

6. I’m so happy to have you in my life. 

No matter the context of this, it’s nice to know that in someone’s eyes you are an important part of their life. You play a role in making them a happier, more complete person. It’s nice to know that people consider their life even a little bit better because you’re in it.

7. You’re so creative. 

Hello, ego boost! Creativity is meant to be shared with the world and appreciated. When you work on a creative endeavor you work on it with the hopes that someone else will identify with it or appreciate the effort you put in. You’re so creative says, “hey I like what you’re doing here, you’re a unique person.” We all strive to be unique and create things that other people can enjoy as well, so it’s nice to us when our work are appreciated.

8. I look up to you. 

Is there anything cooler to hear? They like they way you live your life, the way you carry yourself, maybe your ambition is inspiring. Whatever the reason may be, knowing that someone thinks of you so highly means they value every quality you possess and strive to be like you. What the world needs is more role models, and hey, it’s nice to know you’re one of them.

9. You’re a rockstar.

Is there any more powerful feeling than being praised for being a badass? Because being a “rockstar” encapsulates a lot of different things– confidence, sense of self, ability to literally rock the world– this is the compliment of all compliments.


Julia Dearing

Editorial Contributor, Indiana University Major: Apparel Merchandising and Fashion Design Her heart belongs to: Fitness, Fashion, music, the color black, lipstick, New York City and chai tea lattes Her guilty pleasures: Carbs, over priced coffee, and 80s movies

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