8 Things All Girls With Rock ‘n’ Roll Parents Understand

This one goes out to all the parents who convinced their daughters that Metallica was cool and watching every episode of Behind the Music was non-negotiable. Here are the 8 things that all rock-loving, music-cultured daughters know all too well.

1. The Rollings Stones Are More Than Just A Forever 21 T-Shirt Logo

And on that note, we don’t even have to buy that shirt — we’ve got our parents’ authentic concert tees hanging in our closet.

2. If You Can’t Name A Song, You Don’t Wear The Shirt

The least you can do is prove you’ve heard “Stairway to Heaven” before you go out and rep Zeppelin. That’s just common rock courtesy.

3. Knowing The Beat To Every Rock Anthem Is Essential

“Paradise City”? Born singing it. “Barracuda”? Forget about it.

4. Knowing Every Major Guitar Riff Is Mandatory, Too

We can recognize the “Smoke on the Water” guitar riff from the very first chord and feel deeply embarrassed for anyone who doesn’t share this underrated talent.

5. Appreciating Every Instrument In A Song Is A Given

We feel a certain pride after being able to pick out each individual instrument we hear in a song. Bonus points if you can discern what type of guitar it is just from the hook alone.

6. Patti Smith’s Book Is A Must-Read

We would rather read that literary masterpiece than anything by Nicholas Sparks. After all, we crave something a little more raw.

7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Ladies Make For Great Music Icons

Janis Joplin, Stevie Knicks, Joan Jett — the list goes on and on.

8. New Very Rarely Means Better

It physically pains us to hear someone say that a cover is better than the original. If you put on “Free Falling,” it sure as hell better be the Tom Petty version. You will be quickly ridiculed for thinking that’s a John Mayer original.

Oh, And One Last Thing

We learned firsthand that trying to talk your parents into buying you a Mercedes Benz for you birthday does not actually go any smoother just because you played the Joplin song in the back. They, in fact, do not care that all your friends drive Porches.

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