8 Inspiring YouTubers You Need To Follow ASAP

Summer is finally here, and that means we can finally catch all the Netflix shows we’ve been waiting patiently to watch. But let’s face it; we never stopped binge watching our favorite shows throughout the semester. So what are we to do when there’s nothing left to watch?

Say so long to that #showhole and head over to YouTube for something new to watch. While they aren’t quite your average Netflix show (though some are similar in length), YouTube channels offer a variety of interesting, different topics that you might not find in a TV show. So no matter what you like, someone has most likely made a channel that revolves all around it. The best part is, IT’S FREE. Yep, you read that right.

It can be hard to find dedicated YouTubers who are constantly uploading influential videos because anyone can make a YouTube channel. Heck, I even have one. So we’ve complied a list of a few of our favorite, kickass women YouTubers who inspire us weekly with their content.


Comedian Lilly Singh, better known by the name Superwoman, brings laughter and inspiration to her audience through her weekly YouTube videos. Happiness is the only thing she believes is worth fighting for. Through her videos, Superwoman created an imaginary place called “Unicorn Island,” where everyone is smiling and love is always in the air. Now she’s touring the country and taking subscribers on “A Trip to Unicorn Island.” Sign me up!

Jenna Marbles

Not sure you want a normal, “grown-up” job? Well, neither was Jenna Mourey, or who many refer to as Jenna Marbles. That’s why she began making hilarious YouTube videos, and she never stopped. With over 15 million subscribers, she’s running the seventh most subscribed to channel. Take it from Jenna, not everyone is cut out for a typical job.

Sonia’s Travels

This channel is for the girl who’s always on the go. Sonia Gil’s award-winning YouTube travel series will be your guide for efficient packing and traveling tips. She uploads a new vlog every Thursday, so it’s pretty much like keeping up with a series that’s airing on TV. Only you get to choose when you want to watch the videos.

Hey Nadine

Stuck in a slump after your latest travels? Nadine Sykora will help break your wanderlust and inspire you to travel more every week, twice a week. In just five years, she has traveled to over 45 different countries (#jealous). Through Nadine’s channel, she shares her experiences and gives expert travel advice. Even in the amazing places she travels, Nadine still finds the time to joke around a little with her viewers.

Jaclyn Hill

Beauty guru Jaclyn Hill spreads messages to women about positive images and makeup through her YouTube channel. Her crazy energetic attitude shines through in every tutorial. Jaclyn focuses on creating a safe outlet for makeup lovers to come to and join in the conversation. Basically, she doesn’t deal with the cyberbullies, and she’ll express that via Snapchat. If her makeup tutorials aren’t enough for you, join Jaclyn’s Snapchat family (jaclynrhill) for a daily dose of good vibes.

Kathleen Lights

The 24-year-old, dog lover turned her passion for all things beauty into her career. Kat started her channel back in 2013, and since then has built up a following of over 2 million subscribers. When she’s not filming a makeup tutorial, she’s creating a new episode of “Kat Chats” where she does Q&As and talks to viewers about her life and past memories.

Sarah Fit

This channel is for the girl who is ready to take on a healthy lifestyle. With Sarah Fit, you’ll have plenty of workouts and healthy living inspo. From workout videos to healthy recipes, Sarah will get you motivated. Sometimes she’ll even take you grocery shopping or pretend she’s making a videos for the Today Show. No matter what she’s doing, it’ll make you want to get fit with her.

Laci Green

When it comes to asking the uncomfortable questions about your body, no one really wants to talk. But Laci Green is more than willing to answer your questions on her YouTube channel Sex Plus. Laci covers all the awkward topics you want to know but are too afraid to ask (insert praise hands emoji here). She started her channel while studying at UC Berkley because she noticed a lack in the nation’s sex education. Now, she’s producing bi-weekly videos so we can all become more aware of our bodies.

Alexandra Warner

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