8 Habits To Break Before The End Of College

As much as we hate to admit our disgusting habits, we all have a few. They may die hard, but here are 8 habits that you absolutely have to break before the end of college.

1) Drinking milk/juice/wine/Jack Daniel’s straight from the container

Yeah, it saves on dishes, but if you’re doing it, your roommates probably are too. Ew.

Bridesmaids Drinking from the Bottle GIF


2) Washing your sheets once per semester

Or maybe even once per year…



3) Netflix binging an entire season of New Girl in one sitting

Just one more episode…

New Girl GIF


4) Wearing sweats to work, class…wedding rehearsal dinners…

Mean Girls GIF


5) Showering once a week

Pirates of the Caribbean GIF


6) Eating Easy Mac for at least one meal per day

Or possibly more. Hey, it’s not called Easy Mac for nothing, right?

Shoveling food GIF


7) Wearing an article of clothing until it smells worse than an adolescent boy’s hockey bag

“I go front, I go back, I go inside out, and then I go front and back”



8) Wearing last night’s outfit to class

Your fellow classmates might be too hungover to notice, but you can be sure your future boss won’t be.

It was a walk of awesome GIF


Featured Image via Celina Timmerman

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