7 Trends We Can’t Wait For In 2017

If you came looking for the new hot denim trend or 2017’s version of the crop top, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Women Running For Political Office

The 2016 presidential election may have shown the brightest light yet on the gender inequality in our political system, as did Hillary’s Clinton’s concession speech when she stated,

“I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but some day someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now.”

According to the Huffington post, Clinton’s loss has motivated thousands of women to run for office.

Grab your hammers ladies – time to shatter some glass.


Normalizing Menstruation

Half the world experiences menstruation, yet we’re all still sneakily shoving tampons up our arm sleeves on the way to the bathroom, praying that they don’t accidentally fall out. Oh the horror of people knowing you’re a woman with a period!

Luckily, there are badass brands, movements and organizations working to break down the stigma we’ve long associated with periods. One standout company that took over the NYC subway stations with their ads this year is THINX – a company that creates period-proof underwear with the goal to solve issues such as sustainability, normalizing menstruation, preventing leaky accidents (we’ve ALL been there) and making sure that globally, millions of girls don’t miss school when they’re on their periods.

I had the privilege of seeing the subway ads IRL, but in case you missed them, peep away.





Waste-free Living

We recently highlighted Trash Is For Tossers founder Lauren Singer in our roundup of 5 influential women on YouTube. Lauren has adopted a zero-waste lifestyle, meaning she doesn’t throw a single thing away. No, not like hoarders.

Lauren’s channel is filled with practical ways to live a more sustainable life, from tips on zero-waste beauty products, cooking, grocery shopping, you name it. Even if you’re not quite ready to swap out your tampons for a Diva Cup, there are tons of easy ways to make small changes in your life.

While it may feel a little doomsday-like that some powerful people in charge of running our country don’t seem to give a damn about the future of our earth [*cough*, the president-elect, *cough*], if we each individually do our part to take care of Mother Nature, that’s a great place to start.

TODAY Digital: Lauren Singer lives a zero waste life in New York City. In the last three years she has produced enough trash to fit in this small mason jar.
TODAY Digital: Lauren Singer lives a zero waste life in New York City. In the last three years she has produced enough trash to fit in this small mason jar.


Not Dressing For Your Body Type

Apple, pear, petite, curvy, athletic, petite-apple, pineapple, Kardashian – okay, so maybe I made up those last 3, but we all know the classic “body type” articles telling us which fruit our physiques most-closely resemble and therefore whether we can pull off Breton stripes or not.

Your body is a freaking snowflake. Unlike any other person’s. So why are we still prescribing to narrow standards that ultimately take the joy out of getting dressed in the morning?

Wear what makes you feel like yourself. Wear what makes you feel confident. Because at the end of the day, what you feel best in, is what’s going to look best on your beautiful, perfectly-shaped body.


Getting Enough Sleep

Burnout and stress are out – sleeping and self-care are in. So in, Arianna Huffington recently launched a whole company surrounding sleep and well-being called Thrive Global.

Our world has long romanticized and glorified the idea of being “so busy” we can’t even catch up on the most recent season of OITNB. There’s an unspoken contest to see whose calendar is more filled or who slept the least amount of hours last night. This way of thinking and functioning is incredibly harmful and can lead to much deeper health and mental issues than just some bags under your eyes.

Check out Thrive Global to join the movement and learn how to adopt practices that will truly alter your life for the better.


Continued Social Media-Catalyzed Activism

We can probably all agree, 2016 really sucked. But one amazing thing that came out of so much injustice, was seeing the public’s response, especially on social media, to such injustices. From #BlackLivesMatter continuing to grow, to stories breaking about the Dakota Access Pipeline mainly on Facebook (because the mainstream media wasn’t covering it), to a 7 year-old in Aleppo utilizing Twitter to share her story – while social media oftentimes gets a bad rep, it also has incredible power in sharing stories and issues beyond the money-driven mainstream media’s agenda.

And the best part about it? It lead to real-life activism – protests, marches, organizing – that will only continue, and hopefully bring about the most politically and socially active generation of young people our country has yet to see.



Body Hair

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about the annoyance of body-hair and the gross expectation to constantly be waxed or shaved, razor-burn free and prepubescent-looking. It lead me to shout the words “let’s bring back the bush!” in the middle of a somewhat quiet NYC bar. Maybe the Tecate had something to do with that too.

Though the root of why humans started shaving their body hair is very different than the reasons women do today, the way one grooms themselves should be based on what makes you feel good and like yourself. My philosophy is, hair is there for a reason, why are we so ashamed of it?

This body hair-embracing movement is taking off so strongly that self-care brands are popping up not based around hair removal, but maintenance, like Fur Oil.

Embrace the bush.


Bring it 2017. We’re ready for ya. 


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