7 Things To Let Go Of In 2017

We’ve all seen the memes and Snapchat filters obsessing over the ultimate fail that was 2016. For many of us, 2016 was rocked by tragedy, disappointment and a loss of hope. But with each new year comes new opportunities, and change starts with you. Make this year better than the last by starting with what you know best; yourself.


I know, this is no simple feat. With everything that has happened this year, it will be more important than ever to spread love and acceptance in 2017. Let’s redeem ourselves and show the world, and yourself, that we are tolerant, sympathetic and caring members of society.

People who weigh you down

We all have people in our lives that bring us down more than they lift us up. Whether it be a relative who constantly looks for your flaws or a “friend” who only looks out for themselves, start to distance yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of people you once loved but if they are only bringing out the worst, you’ll be better off if you let them go.

Comparing yourself to others

Our parents have told us a million times that money and material items don’t make you happy, but in 2017, let’s actually take that advice to heart. In a world where social media reigns, I find myself scrolling through peoples Instagram feeds late at night, obsessing over their lavish lives compared to mine. But no matter how many shoes I buy and vacations I go on, there will always be someone who has more. So let’s stop focusing on the material things and comparing what we have to others because happiness and money have never gone hand in hand.

Past grudges

Carrying hate and resentment in your heart is much more exhausting than letting it go. Accept the past, both the good and the bad, for what it is and move past it. Don’t carry the baggage of old, petty arguments with you into the new year.

A self-deprecating attitude

We all do it: from not accepting compliments to spending hours in the mirror, obsessing over everything we want to change about ourselves. Instead, start 2017 by looking at yourself, really looking at yourself, and point out the things you would never change. Let’s make this year about self-love.

Passivity and indifference

Don’t let this next year pass you by. We don’t get places and succeed by letting life go by with indifference, we need to take charge and actively work for what we want. That’s how change is achieved, so stand strongly rooted in what you want and believe in and pursue it wholeheartedly.


This goes hand in hand with passivity. In 2017, start to recognize your hand in things and stop shifting the blame onto other people. Once you recognize that you can take charge, accept your mistakes and learn from them, your life will turn around.

Change starts with us, so let’s work together to make 2017 the best year yet.

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