7 Things Girls Who Love Makeup Are Tired Of Hearing

We’ve been taught since we were little kids to not judge a book by its cover. We all know very well that it’s wrong to make negative comments and judgments about other people’s appearances; however, this concept seems to be lost when it comes to makeup.

It seems like recently it has become fair game to bash people who choose to go all out with their makeup routines. It’s considered “fake” and as YouTube beauty guru NikkieTutorials stated in a recent video, “almost a crime to admit you love doing your makeup.” Don’t believe me? Just take a look at any social media site. Makeup shaming comments are littered all over Instagram, Tumblr and not to mention the YouTube comments section.

However, these comments aren’t reserved for the internet alone. Subtle jabs at makeup wearers are thrown around constantly. As a makeup enthusiast and aspiring YouTube beauty guru, it gets frustrating when people simply don’t understand that hearing these things is not only annoying but can be extremely hurtful. Here are seven things we could do without hearing as often.

1) “But you don’t even NEED makeup”

Okay…hold up. First of all nobody NEEDS to wear makeup. Makeup is used to have fun, to be creative and to enhance our natural beauty, but it’s not a necessity. Although this phrase is oftentimes used as a compliment, it can be frustrating to someone who is passionate about makeup. You put time, effort and a whole lot of money into your makeup routine and when people dismiss it like that, it’s like a slap to the contour.

 2) “Less is more” 

I get that this saying means well, but it is actually pretty insulting. I’m all about embracing a more natural look and a makeup free face from time to time, but the amount of makeup you wear does not make you less or more of anything. If slapping on several layers of foundation, bright pink lipstick and fake eyelashes makes you happy, I say go ahead and keep doing you, girl. This doesn’t in any way take away from your value as a human being.

 3) “It takes you THAT long to get ready??”

This comment is particularly annoying because, first of all, no. We can all get ready in five minutes, but it’s all about what works with our schedule, our priorities, what we feel like doing that day, and what makes us feel good. Do you like taking fifteen minutes to get ready? Awesome! Two hours? Just as awesome. For me, putting my makeup on in the morning is almost a meditative process. It clears my mind and makes me feel extra confident throughout the day, plus it looks a hell of a lot better when I’m not rushed. Yes, it takes me THAT long to get ready. Do you not see how on point my winged eyeliner is today??

 4) “I could never spend THAT much money on makeup”

Okay. That’s fine. Nobody is forcing the money out of your Vera Bradley coin purse and onto the checkout counter at Sephora. But stop judging other people for choosing to spend their hard-earned cash on different things than you do. Besides, the more expensive a makeup brand is usually means it is less likely to be tested on animals, better for the skin and significantly better in quality – not that there aren’t kick-ass affordable brands who target the exact same things.

5) “She wears so much makeup, she must be really insecure” 

This is a concept that really frustrates me. Yes, a lot of people turn to makeup to cover up their insecurities, but the amount of makeup you wear does not correlate with your confidence. Even if it does, why is this a topic that needs to be discussed? Life is hard enough without people picking apart your everyday routine and analyzing what it says about your confidence level. On most days, I wear around fourteen products on my face. Yep. That’s right. Fourteen. But I am completely at home with my imperfections, my sparse eyebrows, my freckles, my scars. They are a part of me and just because I love wearing those fourteen products does not mean I’m ashamed of them.

6) “Makeup is so bad for your skin!” 

Of course, makeup is not the best thing you can do for your skin, however, this statement is actually pretty misleading. Makeup does not actually suffocate the skin because the skin cannot perform the functions of respiration. It also does not clog your pores if you are sticking with the proper foundation for your skin type. If you clean your brushes regularly and perform your skincare routine before you go to bed, you’re fine. In fact, most foundations and BB creams have spf in them, protecting your face from harmful UV rays…so, ha!

7) “You know, boys don’t like it when girls wear a lot of makeup”

I cannot even stress how much this comment actually bothers me. Not because I don’t care about boys and their opinions, but because society is constantly pushing this idea that girls live their lives in order to be accepted by the opposite sex. I wear makeup for myself and myself alone. For makeup lovers, putting makeup on in the morning is an act of self-love. You’re taking this little bit of extra time to do something you love, something you’re good at that makes you feel awesome. Plus, if a boy is determining whether or not he wants to know you based off of the amount of makeup you wear, I’m sorry… but how is he even worth any of your time??

Makeup is a tool that can be used to bring out certain features and conceal insecurities. But it can also be used to be creative and to express one’s personality. If somebody is not reliant upon hiding behind their beauty products and it’s only making them feel even more confident than they already are…I’m sorry, but how is this even a problem?

Whether you choose to go all natural or wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis, you deserve to feel beautiful and accepted for who you are. So contour (or don’t contour) on my Lala ladies, because it truly is what’s on the inside that counts.

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