7 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Study Abroad In Australia

During the dead of winter, daydreams of tropical paradises and palm trees aren’t far from our heads. Some of us may even go so far as to question our choice of college when 26 inches of snow decides to drop from the sky. Why didn’t we go to college in California or Florida? Or even as far as Australia? Literally anywhere with sand dunes instead of snow drifts. If you’re looking for an excuse to take a semester break from the snow, here are 7 reasons why every girl should study abroad in Australia.

Shoes (and shirt) optional

I’m not kidding. Shoes are an optional part of clothing around the coast. It’s completely normal to walk into the cafeteria on campus and see your fellow classmates in board shorts sans shoes (and sometimes even shirt). Obviously on the beach it makes perfect sense, but it’s acceptable in public too. If you walk into a shopping mall and I guarantee you will see at least one person who decided to forego the footwear. Free the feet!

Beach day = every day

Sleep, eat, class, beach, and repeat. You get into a pretty steady rhythm of this, and if the weather looks like it’s going to be 80 degrees and sunny all day you might just have to skip the class part…

Learning a new language

Yes, Australian’s speak English. Is it still a completely foreign language? You bet it is, mate. Macca’s, brekky, Salvos, togs, bikkies, chips, defo, servos, sunnies, and Woolie’s are some common terms. Also, pretty much anything with ‘or’ at the end is now spelled with ‘our’ at the end instead. Colour, behaviour, neighbour…you get the idea. Might as well set your Microsoft Word settings to Australian English before you leave!

Cool Classes

Wine Studies, Australian Popular Culture, Adventure Tourism, Social Media Tactics, Sustainable Tourism, Love, Sex and Relationships, Personal Finance (c’mon, we all know we need it), Photography, and Meditation – just to name a few. Ok honestly who wouldn’t want to go taste wine for a few hours and then head off to your meditation class…all while getting credit for it.

Cuddling Koalas

Where else in the world do you get to cuddle with these furry little animals? They’re so fluffy you’ll want to die.

Bikinis ARE Clothing

If anyone tells you different, they’re wrong. I guarantee if you walk into any store that’s next to a beach with nothing more than your cozzie, togs, or swimmers (all terms for swimsuits by the way), no one will look twice or tell you to put a pair of pants on. Hooray for no pants!!!

Australian Accents

I mean honestly…need we say more?

Image via Noah’s Bondi Beach

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