7 International Blogs That Ooze Fashion Inspo

Fashion can be so much fun—putting different pieces of clothing together to form an outfit that represents you is really unique and a great form of expression. The coolest thing about fashion is that it’s constantly changing and evolving, and the way you dress can express a lot about you. People dress differently around the world but that doesn’t mean we can’t share style tips. We’ve already covered our favorite fashion blogs here on the Lala, and we’ve covered our favorite wanderlust accounts, but what happens when you mesh the two together? Here are our favorite international fashion bloggers from around the world.

1. Vogue Hause | Czech Republic


Czech Republic native but currently living in Germany, Barbora Ondrackova is a world traveler. Barbora is incredibly high-fashion—this girl’s style is to die for—and she has the perfect OOTD ideas!  At only 19 years old, Barbora has described herself as a “student, blogger, and fashion lover.” She has a flawless sense style–from fashion weeks around the world to airport styles—this girl knows how to dress. Although her native language is Czech, she is kind enough to translate all of her posts into English as well so we can read her writing too!

2. TeeTee Is With Me | South Africa


From the busy city of Johannesburg, South African blogger Thithi’s blog has an intricate design and quality writing. Thithi’s writing is very relatable and oftentimes humorous. She writes about travel, beauty, fashion, and life in the big city. Thithi’s style is especially high fashion and she periodically collaborates with other brands. Thithi’s site is wonderful, and if you’re looking for some great writing, I’d definitely stop by TeeTee Is With Me.

3. This is Ess | Kenya


Based in Kenya, fashion and beauty blogger Sharon Mundia’s blog is very bright and full of color. The beauty guru focuses more on lifestyle and beauty/skin care with a little bit of DIY, but she also has some great outfit posts that can help you with your #instastyle. Sharon’s writing is very personal and interesting, and her blog is very well organized. Her goal—inspiration—but deeper than just fashion or beauty, inspiration to be the best you can be: “Each morning you wake up with a blank canvas and just like an artist, you choose to paint a picture of yourself that you then share with the world. My hope for my blog is to inspire women around Africa to be the best damn artists they could possibly be.”

4. Garry Pepper Girl | Australia


Bright colors, great graphics, amazing photography–those are some words I would use to describe Gary’s blog. She is an Australia native—blogging from Sydney, and has been featured in massive magazines like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and even Vogue. Her photography is lively and full of color and her wardrobe is super high fashion and brilliant, and sometimes her outfit choices fall on the more affordable side of the spectrum. To anyone who loves great blogging, be sure to check out Gary Pepper Girl, trust me, you won’t regret it!

5. Wish Wish Wish | England


English blogger Carrie Harwood has an impeccable fashion taste which she mixes with a wide variety of writing—“I snap everything from fashion and food to London and cities across the world for the blog”. Her website has an incredible aesthetic, and her writing is truly captivating. Although her clothing may look high-end, her style isn’t always super expensive–she oftentimes mixes things up with affordable items. If you’re searching for a look book for some style inspiration, Carrie has different looks that will fuel your inner fashionista.

6. Kristen Leotsakou | Greece


Although Greek Youtuber Kristen Leo has impeccable style and great outfit ideas on her blog spot, her site is one that goes farther than just fashion. The vegan vlogger is very socially aware and writes about things like fair trade, ethical shopping, and cruelty-free products. She loves fashion and talks about how our style choices can speak louder than we mean for them to. Her posts also talk about things like health and exercise and taking care of yourself. If you’re looking for some ethical and cruelty-free look books, Kristen has a bunch of awesome outfit ideas that are also guilt-free!

7. Fashion Coolture | Brazil


Flávia Desgranges van der Linden is a Brazilian blogger who writes about all things fashion. Her style is very girly and cute, with a mix of city street style thrown in. Her outfits are made up of a mix of high-end items, and more affordable pieces, which is great for the college girl on a budget! Because she is a Brazilian native, Flávia’s blog is in Portuguese, but she still has incredible outfit ideas for inspiration—and besides, her blog was so good, we couldn’t not include her just because of the language difference!

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