6 Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression At Your Summer Internship

The month of July is here—and that means you’ve (finally!) got the whole “summer internship thing” down.

Yeah, that’s right. You’re walking through those office doors in full-fledged confidence. You know how to navigate through a maze of cubicles. You’ve finally mastered the cappuccino maker. And the copy machine? That baby definitely knows who’s boss.

But before you get a little cocky, remember: May and June may be over but summer isn’t. You still have a lot of time left to impress—or *gulp* mess up.

If you want your employers to think fondly of you long after you pack up your desk, try these tricks for leaving an amazing impression at your internship:

Don’t Get Sloppy.

Think of the entire duration of your internship as a “honeymoon phase”—you should absolutely love coming into work each day but at the same time you don’t want get too comfortable.

Even though it feels like you know the ins and outs of your job, still be on your toes and go into the office every day like it’s your first day of work. Double Triple check your work before submitting and keep following dress code. Nothing unravels 8 solid weeks of impressive work like a careless mistake or an inappropriate outfit.

Your employers may not remember every single great thing you say or do, but they will remember that one time you spelled the CEO’s name wrong in a company-wide email or wore a skirt that showed your buttcheeks.

Schedule A Coffee Date.

Or a breakfast date. Or a whatever date! Open your agenda and pencil in some time to meet up with your supervisor outside of your required office hours.

Use this one-on-one time to learn a little more about your boss and the steps they took to reach their position. Your boss will most likely appreciate this opportunity to get to know you outside of the stressful work place (and might remember your little meeting when it comes time to write up a recommendation letter!).

Ask, Ask, Ask.

Ask questions. Ask for feedback. (Ask for that coffee date!).

Your employers will be impressed by your curiosity and initiative. After all, they want you to learn—that’s why you’re spending your summer interning in the first place. When you ask questions, it shows you’re genuinely interested in your field.

Put The Phone Down.

We know, we know. It’s so tempting to check up on Insta the moment your boss steps around the corner, but fight the temptation to pick up your cell phone. You never know who’s watching as you waste time scrolling through your Newsfeed (or worse: see those questionable photos over your shoulder before you get the chance to untag).

When you’re at work, focus on work. Social media and group chats only serve as distractions.

Don’t Just Say “Thank You.” Write It!

No matter how qualified you may have been for a job, it’s important to thank your employers at the end of your internship because they still took a chance on you and gave you great opportunities to network. In our high-tech age, handwritten anything is a novelty so show your supervisors your gratitude by passing out thank you cards on the last day.

Keep your notes short, sweet and to-the-point, but do be sure to personalize each card. Mention how each one of your bosses impacted your time in the office. End your letter by listing the different skills you learned at your internship and how you plan to use them throughout your entire career. 

Stay In Touch.

At a time when scoring job heavily relies on how good at networking you are, fellow contributor Olivia Nelson reminds us how it’s more important than ever to keep in touch with former employers, internship supervisors, and old co-workers.

Use social media to your advantage and add your bosses on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ after your internship comes to an end (then send that “Thought of You!” email a few months later!).


Doing the little “extras” will help you stand out in a sea of students …and (fingers crossed!) could possibly turn your position of “summer intern” into “full-time employee.”

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