6 Tips For Feminizing Your Face: What Makeup Artists Won’t Tell You

Hey, Lala lovely! Maybe you’re a dmab (designated male at birth) who is ready to play with your gender expression, maybe you’re an actress who is interested in creating faces, or maybe you’re just a beautiful girl who is playing with her look. No matter your interest, experimenting with the proportions of your face is an awesome way to find the look that best suits you!

If you’re interested in more information about feminine and masculine facial features (and the cool way that faces are graded), you can visit here.

For now, let’s talk about six ways to feminize your face.

Let’s go!

1. Let Down Your Hair

You may think that the key to a more feminine look is long, luscious hair (rock it if you’ve got it!) but the secret is actually in the hairline. A traditionally masculine hairline is lowest in the center and highest in the corners (think an ‘M’ shape for ‘masculine’) while a traditionally feminine hairline is more evenly curved. To fake a femme hairline, sweep your bangs across your forehead or tuck the front section of your hair behind your ear Ariana Grande-style.

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2. Lift Your Brows

We all know how important it is to keep your brows on fleek these days (if you need a little help, Audra has an awesome tutorial) and the right brow shape can instantly feminize your face. Natal females generally have higher brow bones than natal males, creating a greater distance between the bottom of the brow and the eyelid. When grooming your brows, focus on the hair below your brow line and finish with a concealer or highlighter to brighten the area and exaggerate your eyelid.

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3. Show Off Those Lashes

It’s no secret that we love to finish a great makeup look with butterfly lashes, and why not? Thick, dark lashes emphasize your beautiful eyes and bring a feminine flair to any face. If you need amazing lash-plumping recommendations, Audra has a great guide to getting the falsies look without springing for those Velour lashes.


4. Contour Lightly

Kim K. has probably already inspired you to play with contouring, but have you ever wondered why we’re so obsessed with the contour craze? Traditional Kim K-eque contouring (darks on the perimeter, lights in the center) is meant to create a perfectly oval face, one that is slightly longer than it is wide and gently rounded. In short, the ultimate femme. It can take a bit of experimenting to find your perfect contour, but Cara can certainly help you with the basics!

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5. Don’t Ignore Your Cheeks!

If your already-gorgeous face is long and flat, the heart of a more feminine shape rests in the center for two important reasons:

First: A femme face boasts slightly fuller cheeks than a traditionally masculine face.

Second: A more masculine face boasts a larger distance between the bottom of the eye and the top of the jaw than a feminine face.

A gorgeous peachy-pink blush and a sweep of highlight across the first half of the apples of your cheeks (the part that pops up when you smile) can do absolute wonders. Not only will this round out the center of your face, but it will also distort the length of your face. Science!

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6. Plump Your Lips

You don’t have to fake Kylie Jenner proportions to look more feminine, but fuller lips can be an easy cheat. Just with the center of the face, a more masculine face boasts a longer distance both between the tip of the nose and the top lip and between the bottom lip and the tip of the chin. You can fake a fuller pout by (slightly!) overdrawing the shape of your lips with a fine-tipped lip pencil and finishing any lip look with a dot of highlight in the center.


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