6 Mom Quotes That Prove All The Times She Got It Right

Our moms can drive us crazy. Most of us can say that we have had the stomping up the stairs, the complaining to our friends, and the shouting “You just don’t understand” moments. I’ll admit to that. This is especially true for when I was a teenager. Having three younger sisters (all now teenagers—which is absolutely terrifying), I secretly enjoy hearing the sayings my mom told me being used on them. I have heard them so often that I can easily lip-sync what she is going to say next, just like in the movies.

Although the things my mom says used to drive me nuts— and I thought she was being incredibly unreasonable— I now see the words of wisdom behind them. Although the decisions my mom makes once have seemed unfair, I now see how she has been doing her best to shape me into the young woman I am now. I can look back and appreciate all the times my mom got it right.

“Don’t be a half-ass.”

She might kill me for this one. I am literally expecting a phone call for it. But, this is the most used saying in my house. And honestly, this is what sticks with me the most. When it comes to friendships, school, responsibilities, and so on, I do not do them half-way. I put my whole effort into whatever I do, doing them to the best of my ability. Bosses I have worked for, and professors I have learned from also, have noticed and appraised this acquired aspect of the way I do things.

“Make sure to communicate with me.”

Yeah, yeah. We all know the classic on-your-way-to-the-mall, at-the-mall, now-leaving-Forever 21-and-entering-into-American Eagle, and on-your-way-back-home-from-the-mall texts. This may have seemed so tedious at one time, but I get it. She was just molding a good communicator out of me. I may not text my roommates absolutely everything I do, but I do relay to them what I am up to and where to find me. This is just respectful to those I live with and important for my own safety.

“Just be patient.”

Patience is still not my virtue and most definitely wasn’t when I was a teenager. Some things just don’t happen right away. Sometimes things are out of our control. And in those times, I remember when my mom would tell me to simply “just be patient.”

“There will be other times.”

At that time, no “other times” existed. If I missed out on that bonfire, then there would never, in my entire life, be another bonfire like that one. Did she not understand that I had friends to keep up with and a social status to uphold? There are times now when I have to say no to something like hanging out with friends. But, now I understand that there will be other times. Prioritizing is important in life, as is sometimes having to say “no.”

“Life is so much bigger than this moment right now.”

Although my mom would let me vent things out at the end of a rough day, she always came back to this quote. It’s pretty much her “big picture” reality check for us. It’s so true, though. When everything seems so impossible, and I don’t know if I can ever get back up, I always think about this. Life is so much bigger than that one little moment in my life– moments of rejection, doubt, frustration, and so on. Life is so much bigger than those times that attempt to pose as big, tough moments.

“Your actions reflect your heart.”

If eye-rolls were audible, we would all be in trouble. I absolutely hated when my mom would say this after I did something that she did not approve of. But seriously, now I look back on that saying and think “How right?” Actions are so much louder than words. And actions truly reflect and expose the heart. I now check my attitude when my actions are out of line.

As a young woman, I thank my mom a billion times for having her own quotes. All these times, despite how annoying they once were, she actually got it so right.

Thank you, Mom.

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6 Mom Quotes That Show All The Times She Got It Right

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