The 6 Most Inspiring Moments From Chris Murphy’s Filibuster

Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut made real history this week when he, along with a number of other Senate Democrats, led a fifteen-hour filibuster to demand comprehensive gun control legislation and prevent further gun violence. The filibuster ended with the Senate agreeing to vote on closing the terror gap and expanding universal background checks.

  1. When he expressed his frustration with the Senate’s inaction. On the Senate agenda for the day? 2017 commerce and justice and science spending. Not the gun violence epidemic currently plaguing the country.

    “This isn’t new to me, but I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of the ongoing slaughter of innocents, and I’ve had enough of inaction in this body. Our inaction has made us complicit in these murders.”

  2. When his family came to watch him speak. Murphy had an important message for his young son, Owen.

    “I’m sorry I missed pizza night. I hope that you’ll understand someday why we’re doing this, why we have been standing here for eight hours trying to fight to make our country a safer and better place, and why sometimes, even if you don’t get everything that you want, trying hard, trying and trying and trying to do the right thing, is ultimately just as important as getting the outcome. So, go to bed.”

  3. When Senator Bill Nelson from Florida read a statement from Orlando trauma surgeon Joshua Corsa. He also shared a photo of the shoes Corsa worse Saturday night while working to save victims of the shooting.

    “These are my work shoes from Saturday night. They are brand new, not even a week old. On these shoes, soaked between its fibers, is the blood of 54 innocent human beings. I don’t know which were gay, which were straight, which were black, or which were Hispanic. What I do know is that they came to us in wave upon wave of suffering, screaming, and death.”

  4. When Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey asked Murphy why the Senate won’t move forward with gun control legislation. Given the fact that a majority of Americans support Common Sense gun legislation, after all…

    “We allow our inability to do everything to undermine our determination to do something.”

  5. When Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts warned the Senate they would have blood on the hands. She joined the fight in a call for a ban on the sale of military-grade assault weapons.

    “It was a terrorist with hate in his heart and a gun in his hand that killed all of those people. And if we fail to act, the next time someone uses a gun to kill one of us, a gun that we could have kept out of the hands of a terrorist, then members of this Congress will have blood on our hands.”

  6. When he shared the story of a Sandy Hook shooting victim. Murphy ended the filibuster by sharing the story of Dylan Hockley, a six-year-old boy who died in Newtown in the 2012 shooting in the arms of his teacher and personal aide, Anne Marie Murphy. Goosebumps.

    “It takes courage to look into the eye of a shooter, and instead of running, wrapping your arms around a 6-year-old boy and accepting death as a trade for just a tiny little itty piece of increased peace of mind for a little boy under your charge. And so this has been a day of questions. And so I ask you all this question, ‘If Anne Marie Murphy could do that, then ask yourself, what can you do to make sure Orlando or Sandy Hook never, ever happens again?'”


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