6 Hilarious Videos Of Clueless Guys Using Makeup For The First Time

As women, we have structured our makeup routines to fit with our beautifully unique faces. Since putting on makeup has become a habit, it may be hard to remember a time when applying eyeliner entailed the fear of poking an eye, or when putting on bright blue eye-shadow seemed like a good idea … at first. Makeup is an art form in of itself, and it’s one that most guys are completely clueless about. With this cluelessness comes 6 videos below that illustrate brave male employees and volunteers attempting to delve into the world of makeup.

 1. “Guys Try Basic Makeup”

Buzzfeed does a fantastic job at placing their employees into unfamiliar situations for hilarious results. In this video, men are asked to put their minimal knowledge of makeup to the test. With newfound respect for women, the men discover that tacking makeup is not as easy as it may have initially seemed.



2. “The Try Guys Try Makeup Tutorials”

Buzzfeed employees Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, Ned Fulmer, and Zach Kornfeld make up The Try Guys, four men who are willing to try anything and everything for the sake of an entertaining and experimental Buzzfeed video. They stand by their motto, “Ride together, try together, try guys for life.” Everything from trying on wedding dresses to strutting around in high heels, The Try Guys have done it all. Within this video, The Try Guys attempt to replicate makeup tutorials ending in hysterical outcomes.



3. “Clueless Guys Try to Create Sexy Cat Eyes”

We all know the cat eye is no easy feat. It requires symmetry and precision. That being said, Cosmopolitan gathered a couple of guys with little to zero knowledge of eyeliner and tried to see if they could master the cat eye look – what could go wrong?


4. “Men Try Liquid Eyeliner”

Liquid eyeliner can be a bit intimidating as it is. Men with no concept of the steady hand needed in eyeliner prove just how messy liquid eyeliner can get.


5. “Clueless Guys Apply Makeup To Girls For The First Time”

Considering makeup as an art form, the face represents the canvas. Yet, in the case of these guys the face is more of a whimsical sketch. In the video below, the women who willingly let naïve men apply makeup to various parts of their faces are the real MVPs.


6. “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup”

Michelle Phan is an American makeup entrepreneur that has launched her career as a YouTube personality. Phan has established herself as a makeup guru with a cosmetics line for L’Oreal, a published beauty book, “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success – Online and Off,” and over 8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. In this video, Phan tests her boyfriend, Dominique Capraro, and his knowledge of makeup by having him do her own makeup.


In defense of the men in these videos, makeup is not a skill learned overnight. None of us who wear makeup on a daily basis knew what we were doing at first. Over time, we mastered our own ways of enhancing our features with the swish of a mascara wand and the dab of a concealer. The men that challenged themselves to try out makeup in the videos above were all-around troopers with a great sense of humor.

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