6 Candle Companies That’ll Rock Your Fall

Temperatures are dropping, the PSL has been resurrected and it’s time to go candle shopping! Although Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle are always a candle staple, it’s time we explore our options a bit more. You’ll totally find a new favorite, we know we have.

Brooklyn Candle Studio 

Picture Credit: Brooklyn Candle Studio

This company located in Brooklyn, NY is showing that candles aren’t just to make your home smell nice, they’re a lifestyle. Their packaging is oh-so-adorable, you have the option to choose from a gold tin, amber glass or a mason jar! The scent Montana Forest is perfect for those who love the idea of a fall hike, jumping in piles of leaves or just the freshness of evergreens. Their founder is the awesome Tamara Mayne who created Brooklyn Candle Studio as an “homage to the meditative approach of the small batch process.” Not to mention their Instagram  is seriously cute too.

Element Tree Essentials

Picture Credit: Element Tree Essentials

Who knew there was such thing as a lotion candle? Yes, you read that right. A lotion candle. This Asheville, North Carolina-based company was founded by Kasey Jackson, who went from being an apprentice to a candle maker to creating a candle career of her own! These super fab multi-use candles smell absolutely amazing, Apple Harvest is truly the embodiment of fall. Not to mention it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!

Farmhouse Candle Co. 

Picture Credit: Farm House Candle Co.

Here at The Lala we have a thing for pineapples, and this adorable candle company in Leelanau County, Michigan has the perfect candle for us: Pineapple and Sage. Farm House Candle Co. has tons of unique combinations like Olive + Fig, Treemoss + Cedar, and Grapefruit + Mint. The perfect scent for this fall from Farm House is totally Espresso + Cocoa, this rich coffee house scent screams the idea of cozying up with a coffee and an indie playlist.

Charleston Candle Works 

Picture Credit: Charleston Candle Works

This South Carolina company only uses domestically farmed soybeans in order to make their candles! The Pumpkin Souffle candle is just the right amount of pumpkin spice and sweetness. And what’s fall without pumpkin?


P.F Candle Co. 

Picture Credit: P.F Candle Co.

This small batch candle company is run by a seriously adorable husband and wife team, Kristen Pumphrey & Thomas Neuberger. Kristen founded the company by herself in 2008 and Tom came on board around 2013. Talk about relationship goals.Their candles come in apothecary-inspired packaging and P.F Candle Co. is coming out with two new scents for fall! Frankincense & Oud and Desert Lodge will both definitely be on our shopping list for the season.


Produce Candles 

At the Farm

Produce Candle Co. is the epitome of a southern farmers market in a candle. The perfect scent for this fall is their Honey candle. The packaging for each candle is so sweet and adorable, it makes the scent just that more enjoyable!


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