6 Brilliant Apps To Improve Mental Health

According to the Association for Psychological Science, nearly 40% of individuals suffering from mental illness do not receive services as a result of the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental health care. However, despite this statistic, today, people all around the world are creating apps dedicated to providing an untraditional form of therapy for improving mental health in individuals by way of online support, meditation strategies, programs, treatment sessions, and mindfulness exercises. In the hopes of helping to effectively manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions, below, are the coolest and most brilliant mental health apps around right now.


Developed by leading scientists and experts in the fields of mindfulness, positive psychology, and cognitive behavior therapy, Happify brings techniques and programs to effectively manage control over your stress, anxiety, and depression. 86% of people who use Happify regularly have reported feeling better in the areas of their life that include stress, negative thinking, and resilience. Happify works to highlight your individual strengths, help you achieve your goals, and build a life that’s not held by the toxins of negativity, but on developing habits that will create the life you want to live. It’s free, but can be upgraded to various plans starting at $4.99 per month.


A unique platform dedicated to connecting users suffering from stress to chronic depression, with a licensed therapist, Talkspace is demonstrating that online therapy can be more effective than face-to-face therapy. Talkspace is creating an environment that alleviates the stigma associated with receiving mental health services by providing people with the convenience of less travel time, no appointments, and an untraditional form of therapy. It starts with a free consultation where a Matching Agent pairs you with a therapist based on specific factors. As a member of Talkspace, you are then given access to a secure and discrete chat room where you are able to raise questions and work through troubling situations within your life. Talkspace ensures that the safety and confidentiality of their customers are the most important aspect of their platform, ensuring that they provide excellence through their therapists, their specializations, and their qualifications for such a job. It costs $32 per week.


A program focused on helping teens and young adults face their anxiety, Mindshift works to change perspectives, develop strategies for coping, and establish the most effective ways to relax. Mindshift works in the areas of sleep, intense emotions, social anxiety, worry, conflict, panic, performance anxiety, and perfectionism. It’s free.


Headspace is dedicated to relieving anxiety and stress through guided meditation and exercising mindfulness. While it’s not a new concept, meditation has recently been found for its benefits in helping individuals not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also increase self-awareness and perspective, create better relationships with friends and family, become more present, experience peace of mind, and improve focus. Users have the option to pay subscription fees for $12.99 per month, $94.99 per year, or a forever subscription of $399.99.


The creators of Hellomind know just how much our bad habits, unhealthy negativity, and ruthless thoughts can keep us from having a meaningful and purposeful life. However, they also know that they can fix it. Hellomind allows you to choose a treatment for issues such as stress, areas of sleep, weight gain, and lack of self-esteem and listen to sessions with your headphones. Above all, Hellomind is dedicated to helping you take control of your negative thoughts, kick them to the curb, and live your life to the fullest.


Scientists believe that the connectivity of the brain is essential to our intelligence and memory, having the potential to slow down conditions such as dementia. Studies have shown that training the brain can be an effective way to improve the working memory and escalate fluid intelligence. The leading brain program, Memorado, includes mindfulness exercises to improve memory, concentration, reaction, logic, and mathematical skills through challenging games for the mind. Memorado is free; however, if you want to improve faster, Memorado Premium is available for a monthly, yearly, or lifetime fee.

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