5 Underrated European Cities

During a study abroad in Europe, you have a limited amount of time and money to see as much of it as possible. While the typical tourist cities – Paris, London, Rome, and Barcelona – are must-sees, the Lala has five underrated European cities you should add to your travel list. Bonus: your wallet will thank you for picking these relatively cheap destinations!

1. Lisbon, Portugal

5 Underrated European Cities

Gorgeous weather throughout the year and cheap prices make this the perfect city to visit during those dreary winter months. A trip to Lisbon is not complete without a hike to the Castle of São Jorge. Sitting high above the city, it offers stunning views of the city, water, and surrounding area. If you have a few extra days, take the train to Sintra, Portugal for a cultural adventure!

2. Budapest, Hungary

5 Underrated European Cities

A mixture of old and new, east and west, the city of Budapest is rich in history spanning several centuries. Spend a day exploring each side of Budapest (“Buda” and “Pest”) and then unwind at one of the many thermal baths located in the city.

3. Bratislava, Slovakia

5 Underrated European Cities

Located right on the border of Austria and halfway between Prague and Budapest, Bratislava is the perfect city to see in one day. While the Bratislava Castle is the highlight of the city, don’t overlook the charming old town of this walkable city.

4. Tallinn, Estonia

5 Underrated European Cities
A leader of democracy in Eastern Europe, Tallinn is a flourishing city rich in culture. Influenced by Denmark, Russia, Sweden and the Soviet Union, the city of Tallinn is a melting pot of architecture and traditions. Explore the city by foot and warm up at the end by drinking the best mug of hot chocolate ever (seriously, life-changing!) at Pierre Chocolaterie.

5. Bruges, Belgium

5 Underrated European Cities
Thanks to the movie In Bruges, Bruges is no longer a sleepy town in Belgium. Besides the amazing history, walkable city, and jaw-dropping architecture, Bruges is also home to some amazing beer. Check out Brouwerij De Halve Mann Brugge (The Half Moon Brewery) for some yummy beer and take the tour of the brewery itself. The view from the top of the building is stunning!

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