5 Tiny Homes To Fuel Your Living Little Obsession

Whether you’re intrigued by the sense of freedom or simply reminded of your childhood treehouse, here are 5 drool worthy tiny homes to fuel your little living obsession.

Custom Tiny Living Home

Custom Tiny House

This tiny home on wheels has everything you’d need, and does it in a stylish way. The whitewashed walls and windows lining every side give this tiny house a fresh, open, airy feeling (ala Cape Cod anyone). A double loft for lots of sleeping space, and a kitchen with full-size appliances and a double sink make it extra functional. (View all photos here.)


Brisbane Tiny House

Brisbane Tiny House

This tiny house located in Brisbane, Australia has no shortage of cool features and makes use of every inch of the space with a hydraulic bed that drops from the ceiling for sleepy time. With high ceilings and a completely open concept, you’ll never feel claustrophobic.

Still don’t want to be stuck inside? The kitchen area opens up onto a covered deck outside, and with the weather in Australia this practically doubles your living space.

(View all photos here.)

Escape Traveler

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.51.35 PM

The ultimate money saver: a tiny house with enough room for roommates. Double lofts and a cozy living area (that can be transformed into another bed) are included in this tiny on wheels, along with a full-size kitchen and bathroom. Still not sold? Take into account the fireplace (yes, a fireplace in a tiny) and space for multiple TV’s, it’s like your dream first apartment that you can take with you anywhere.

(View all photos here.)

Ms. Gypsy Soul

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.53.08 PM

Think you can’t add a personal touch in such a small space? Think again. Jewel Pearson’s ‘Ms. Gypsy Soul’ traveling home combines function with an unbeatable amount personal style. Not only is it stylish, it has a feature that’s hardly found on tiny homes to date: a covered porch and a balcony off of the sleeping loft.

(View all photos here.)

Contemporary Shepherd’s Hut

Shepherd's Cottage

This gorgeous structure is a perfect example of contemporary, minimalistic design that proves not all tiny’s are the same. Lots of natural light filters in through the skylight the length of the house and whitewashed insides make it feel light and open. Modern fixtures finish off the structure with a small kitchenette and plenty of room to add a personal touch.

(View all photos here.)


— All pictures courtesy of TinyHousesSwoon.com

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