5 Simple Ways to Enjoy This Semester

It’s the beginning of a new semester and we’re all holding onto the fond memories of sitting at home with our families in front of the fire, but unfortunately reality sets in and we realize it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Have no fear, dear the Lala readers; we’ve got some tips to make this semester great.

1. Don’t be afraid to admit you like learning. We don’t know about you, but we actually really love school. Being surrounded by other intelligent human beings is incredibly exciting, and makes us excited to learn. Once you openly embrace your inner nerd, you can fully dive into participating in class without worrying that people are judging you (which they shouldn’t, because there is nothing wrong with caring).

2. Find enjoyment in all your classes. It’s inevitable that we’ll take a few classes that we don’t enjoy, whether they be required, or just not what we expected. If you find yourself frustrated by a class, try and find some positive aspects of it. Maybe your professor is a very interesting person, maybe you make some new friends, or maybe think of things in a different way. Even if it’s the most horrid class you’ve ever taken, positivity still comes from it because it reaffirms your love for your field of study.

3. Join a new club. Speaking from personal experience, we find that nothing feels better than trying something new. Putting yourself out there and joining a new club allows you to participate in something you enjoy, and to meet new people who share common interests. Just because it’s second semester doesn’t mean it’s too late to discover a new passion for something and make some new friends.

4. Do something out of your comfort zone. Going along with joining a new club, branching out in other aspects can be incredibly fulfilling. Whether it be finally telling that girl in your English class she is really cool, wearing some new bold lipstick, or unexpectedly cutting inches from your hair, stop worrying and just do it. It feels great to do something bold and out of the ordinary, and it helps make the monotony of the semester less intense.

5. Know that procrastinating is actually okay. Almost everyone procrastinates, and almost everyone feels bad or stressed by doing so. The fact of the matter is that people work differently. Although planning things out and working on a project far ahead of time seems the most logical, some people produce their best work under pressure. If you procrastinate but still feel you end up with your best work possible in the end, embrace the procrastination and know that it’s totally okay.

Follow these tips, or even come up with some of your own, and we know you’ll have a semester you’ll la la love.

Bekah Pollard

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