5 Reasons We’re Crushing On YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen

The Internet gives us access to so much content on a daily basis. Sometimes it seems like too much content. Although we’re bombarded with information every day, Internet users usually find a few websites or Internet personalities that interest or inspire them.

My recent Internet obsession is youtuber Ingrid Nilsen. Ingrid has been making videos on Youtube since 2009 under the username Missglamorazzi. Ingrid’s videos cover topics from fashion and beauty, to women’s health, to candid advice about loving yourself and feeling confident.

Ingrid is incredibly inspiring and you should know about her if you don’t. Here are five reasons you should know Ingrid Nilsen and subscribe to her channel right now.

1. She makes awesome beauty and fashion videos

Ingrid’s channel started as primarily a beauty and lifestyle destination, and beauty and fashion videos account for most of her content. I can only handle so much of the “beauty guru” type video before I get disinterested. Ingrid breathes life and excitement into her beauty and style videos by focusing on educating her viewers and expressing genuine enthusiasm over the products she uses.

Ingrid consistently features drug store products that are affordable, which is another plus to her videos. Watching Ingrid try contouring for the first time or style sweaters with various outfits is a treat because she feels like a friend showing you a new item or technique she’s genuinely excited about. She also focuses on how the products she showcases help her express her personal style and stresses that what works for her might not work for everyone else.

2. She makes videos about women’s health

Ingrid has been pretty vocal on her channel in discussing women’s health topics such as periods, vaginal care, and sexual education. Some young people don’t have someone to talk to about managing periods or other aspects of sexuality, and Ingrid’s videos provide information in an approachable and fun way. I also love how comfortable she was to discuss all of these topics, stressing that periods and aspects of feminine health are natural parts of life.

3. She made hygiene kits for homeless women

Ingrid partnered with Conscious Period, a company that makes organic period products, to make hygiene kits for homeless women, complete with pads, underwear, deodorant, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. At the beginning of her video recounting the experience, Ingrid talks openly about periods and wanting to erase the stigma that surrounds them. I heard that.

4. She interviewed president Obama

Let that just sink in for a second. Yes, Ingrid interviewed President Obama a few months ago and did a fantastic job. She asked President Obama some personal questions to get to know him a little better, asked him questions about being president, and asked and educated him about the tampon tax, which until Ingrid’s interview, the President didn’t know about.

5. She’s honest with her viewers

Nilsen came out identifying as lesbian in a 2015 video in which she discussed her coming to terms with her sexuality at great length. Through addressing her sexuality in a public way, Ingrid is able to connect to her viewers and many of the young women who watch her channel who also might be struggling with sexuality. In this video, Ingrid maintains her genuine spirit and honesty with her viewers that’s evident in all of her other content. Having a video like this amidst her other videos on her channel is super powerful and inspiring.

Additionally, Ingrid talks openly about mental health on her channel, as well as personal struggles she’s had throughout her life and how she’s gained confidence and grown to love herself.

Check out her main channel and her second channel for more candid and personal discussions that matter. Get ready to feel inspired.

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