5 Podcasts To Kickstart Your Morning Commute

If you’re like me, you probably listen to podcasts way too often. While cleaning, while (trying to) work out, while commuting to work, while trying to help your sister find an old sweater that you know you already donated to Goodwill (sorry Lauren!)…. The list really does go on.

Luckily there are plenty of podcasts out there for every occasion. There are also plenty of podcasts created by intelligent and creative women whose perspectives can often be forgotten or watered down in traditional media.

So without further ado, here are five podcasts created by women to listen to on your daily commute, or whenever you tune into a good podcast.

Always Open:

This podcast is a favorite of mine and it never fails to put a smile on my face! Barbara Dunkelman and her rotating cast of friends start off each show with a shot and spend the rest of their time talking about their lives, relationships, jobs, and answering questions submitted by their listeners. When listening, you feel like you’re sitting down for drinks with your best friends- especially if you binge 5 in a row while cleaning the kitchen.

The Penumbra Podcast:

Sophie Kaner co-created (and acted in- playing multiple characters every season!) this charming podcast that often defies characterization. The episodes switch between one-off short stories that range from a talented young artist with a dark secret to freelance knights fighting mysterious beasts, and a neo-noir detective story…. Set on mars. Yep, mars. If you listen to narrative podcasts as often as I do you’ll find that space is a surprisingly common theme.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text:

Vanessa Zoltan is the co-creator and co-host of this podcast that takes a long-time favorite, Harry Potter, and reads it with the care and attention to detail that she and her fellow theology students would treat a sacred text. It sounds like an odd concept, but listening to this podcast is like sitting in on that coveted “Young Adult Literature” class in college that always seemed to fill up before registration even opened. Am I still bitter about that? Maybe just a bit….


Of course there is no way I could write a list of podcasts created by women and not include the one that really put podcasts on the map. Serial is hosted by Sarah Koenig who spends her first season following the story of Adnan Syed, a boy convicted of killing his girlfriend in high school and who has maintained his innocence even decades later. This podcast is a roller coaster and if you’re a fan of true crime it is a must listen!

The Strange Case of Starship Iris:

Remember how I said that space was a common theme in narrative podcasts? Well I could hardly let you escape without at least one more to round out the list. Starship Iris was written and directed by Jessica Best and while it only has 5 episodes (we’re still waiting for more to be released- catch up now while you still can!) it is one of the most engaging podcasts I’ve heard in ages. It follows the only survivor of a mysterious explosion of an explosion upon an intergalactic science vessel, Violet Liu, who quickly discovers the conspiracies and lies that have led her to float alone through space.

Megan Van Horn

You can find Megan traveling the world on a shoestring budget, writing about anything that catches her fancy, and reading a range of classic novels and contemporary magazines.

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